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Strategic dialogue fuels Vietnam-Korea tourism collaboration initiatives

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    Overview of the meeting (Photo: TITC)
  • Overview of the meeting (Photo: TITC)
  • Ms. Kim Gyeong Hee - Chairwoman of the Hwaseong City Council and the delegation (Photo: TITC)
  • VNAT’s Chairman Nguyen Trung Khanh at the meeting (Photo: TITC)
  • Leaders of both sides exchanging souvenir (Photo: TITC)

In a pivotal meeting in Ha Noi, leaders from Vietnam’s National Authority of Tourism and Korea’s Hwaseong City Council discussed synergistic opportunities to fortify bilateral tourism ties.

In a strategic meeting held in Ha Noi, Nguyen Trung Khanh, Chairman of the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism (VNAT), engaged in dialogue with Kim Gyeong Hee, Chairwoman of the Hwaseong City Council in Gyeonggi Province, Korea.

Chairwoman Kim highlighted the tourism potential of Gyeonggi Province, noting its advantageous position bordering Seoul and Incheon. She elaborated on Hwaseong’s diverse tourist offerings, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a multitude of rural tourist areas. She expressed optimism for future collaboration, given Hwaseong’s sister-city relationship with Phu Tho Province in Vietnam. Chairwoman Kim also conveyed her eagerness to participate in a broad spectrum of cultural and tourism-centric programs aimed at elevating the profile of Vietnamese tourism to both Korean nationals and the global audience.

VNAT’s Chairman Nguyen emphasized the existing synergy between Vietnamese and Korean tourism stakeholders, underscoring the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two nations. He revealed that VNAT has been proactive in hosting Korean delegations to explore investment opportunities and is slated to organize the Vietnam Cultural Tourism Festival in Korea in 2023.

In his overview of the Vietnamese tourism landscape, Chairman Nguyen cited impressive statistics from pre-pandemic years, with 18 million international and 85 million domestic visits recorded in 2019 alone. He pointed out that the Korean market has ascended to the top spot among Vietnam’s foreign tourist sources in the first three quarters of 2023, reinforcing the substantial community ties and cultural affinities between the two nations.

Post-pandemic, the Vietnamese government has enacted robust policies to invigorate the tourism industry. Nguyen outlined measures like enhanced visa facilitation for international travelers and the extension of visa durations. He also touched upon the government’s initiatives to reestablish domestic and international air connectivity and roll out new tourism products to meet evolving consumer demands.

Concluding the discussion, Chairman Nguyen expressed confidence that the foundational strategic partnership will serve as a catalyst for escalating tourism cooperation between Vietnam and Korea.

This meeting marks a milestone in the collaborative efforts to fortify the tourism sector, creating business opportunities and fostering cultural exchanges between the two countries.

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