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East Asia Research Pte. Ltd redefines conference strategy for specialized academic dialogue


In a pivot from large-scale events, Singapore-based East Asia Research emphasizes intimate, researcher-led conferences in specialized fields like sports science and economics, targeting meaningful academic exchange.

SINGAPORE – East Asia Research Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based conference organizing company, is taking a selective approach to stand out in the increasingly competitive conference field post-COVID. Rather than hosting large-scale events, East Asia Research focuses on intimate, researcher-led conferences aimed at more in-depth academic discussion.

Founded in 2015 by Anthony Tan, East Asia Research currently organizes three annual academic conferences in Singapore in specialized fields, including sports science, applied psychology and economics & finance. Each conference attracts 50-70 expert researchers and aims to facilitate meaningful dialogue and knowledge sharing.

While major companies may host conferences with thousands of attendees, we believe smaller events led by expert academics can foster deeper, more meaningful conversations on important research topics,” said Mr Tan.

East Asia Research currently organizes the following conferences:
  • 2023 Asia-Singapore Conference on Sport Science (ACSS 2023) on December 5-6
  • 2023 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology (SCAP 2023) on December 7-8
  • 2023 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance (APEF 2023) on December 14-15

Papers presented at its conferences are published with Springer and indexed in SCOPUS. Recent publications include “Economics and Finance Readings: Selected Papers from Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance 2022” and “Applied Psychology Readings Book: Selected Papers from the Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology 2022.”

With new competitors emerging post-COVID, East Asia Research aims to stand out as a trusted conference organizer in its niche. Tan hopes increased media exposure can enhance the company’s reputation.

Tan has an extensive background in conference organizing and remote work coordination and infuses East Asia Research’s events with a Confucian philosophy focused on ethics and morality.

We take pride in fostering an intimate, collegial environment at our conferences that allows for in-depth, constructive discussions,” said Mr Tan. “Our goal is to facilitate meaningful knowledge sharing between expert researchers that can push their fields forward.”

Looking ahead, East Asia Research plans to expand its conference portfolio into additional research areas where it can provide significant value. Mr Tan is actively recruiting knowledgeable researchers to chair such new events.

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