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Club Med unveils world’s first Urban Oasis Resort in Nanjing, China

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Club Med, under Fosun Tourism Group, announces the grand opening of Club Med Urban Oasis Xianlin Nanjing Resort, marking a pivotal moment in urban vacation trends and the localization of the Club Med brand in China.

NANJING, CHINA – Club Med, the global leading brand in the “Premier All-Inclusive” vacation experience under Fosun Tourism Group, announced the grand opening of the world’s first urban oasis resort, Club Med Urban Oasis Xianlin Nanjing Resort. On the same day, the Urban Vacation Development Forum, organized by Fosun Tourism Group, and the global launch of Club Med Urban Oasis, were held at Xianlin Nanjing Resort. Representatives from the government, culture, tourism, research, and related industries gathered to discuss the future of the urban vacation industry by focusing on the new trends in the domestic cultural tourism market.

Mr. Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International and Chairman of Fosun, stated, “The fast-paced urban lifestyle has generated an increasingly urgent demand for vacations, particularly short and flexible urban holidays. While our cities abound with business hotels, high-quality vacation-oriented resorts are still relatively scarce. Club Med Urban Oasis harmonizes the international quality and concept of Club Med brand, incorporating the city’s location and cultural richness, offering more families a refined and enjoyable urban vacation right here and right now. The opening of Xianlin Nanjing Resort marks a new milestone in the localization of Club Med in China and signifies the start of a new era in urban vacations.”

Club Med Urban Oasis represents a dynamic retreat situated in the corner of the city. It offers an exclusive and personalized vacation experience within the confines of daily life for the urban population seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of their busy daily routine.

As the world’s first urban vacation resort of Club Med, Club Med Urban Oasis Xianlin Nanjing Resort is conveniently located only 30 minutes from downtown Nanjing and Nanjing South Railway Station. It is also just 500 meters from the Huitong Road Station of Nanjing Metro Line 4, making it the world’s first metro-access Club Med resort. The new resort is located among Nanjing’s four major scenic areas – Purple Mountain, Qixia Mountain, Tangshan Mountain, and Yanziji – offering guests a comfortable and cozy stay experience.

Xianlin Nanjing Resort is an ideal destination with its prime location, breathtaking natural surroundings, and exciting activities. The resort features a 1,200-square-meter indoor heated water park, a spectacular outdoor water screen light show, an outdoor explore park, sports activities, and the trendy U Bar – all in one place. Whether you’re a local family looking for a getaway, young adventurers seeking a fun-packed destination, or travelers from afar, you’ll find new happiness in urban vacations here.

Xianlin Nanjing Resort continues the Club Med tradition of more than 70 years with its “Premier All-Inclusive” concept. G.Os (Gentle Organizers) will create a joyful and welcoming holiday atmosphere with professional, enthusiastic, and international services. Parents can relax and have fun with their kids through programs like Mini Club, Club Med Amazing Family!, and Mini Camp, which offer entertainment and education.

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Henri Giscard d’Estaing, Vice Chairman and co-chief executive officer of the Fosun Tourism Group, and President of Club Med, said, “With the rapid growth of urban vacation demand in China, Club Med has innovated a new product line of urban-themed vacation, Urban Oasis, for city tourists through differentiated positioning and consistent high-quality service. Nanjing, renowned for its scenic beauty and rich historical heritage, presents the ideal location for the world’s first Urban Oasis resort. We believe Xianlin Nanjing Resort will become a new trendy destination, contributing to the city’s social and economic growth.”

On the occasion of the opening of Xianlin Nanjing Resort, the Urban Vacation Development Forum, with the theme “Discussing Travel Consumption Trends & Revealing the Blueprint for Urban Vacations,” was held in the resort. Representatives from government, culture, tourism, and research sectors, as well as travel bloggers, shared insights on domestic travel trends and urban vacation opportunities.

Dai Bin, Director of China Tourism Academy and Director of Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said, “To create a world-class vacation destination with cultural significance, we must keep the principles of both localizing foreign cultures and internationalizing local cultures. Fosun Tourism Group has demonstrated a remarkable commitment in this field. Club Med, an internationally renowned vacation brand, has historically established resorts in remote coastal and mountainous regions. It has ventured into urban areas, transforming vacations into a more frequent consumer choice. This remarkable innovation provides thousands of families with a fantastic travel and vacation destination, offering children a unique and memorable childhood experience.”

Xu Xiaoliang added, “Nanjing, known as the ‘Ancient Capital of the Six Dynasties,’ is a highly popular cultural and travel destination for domestic and foreign tourists. It’s also an essential economic center in the Yangtze River Delta region, with a leading urban consumption capacity nationwide. The choice to open the world’s first Urban Oasis resort in Nanjing, capitalizing on Nanjing’s unique advantages of a ‘destination plus sourcing market’, reflects our strategic business development approach.

“Through Nanjing Xianlin Resort and Taicang Alps Resort, we hope to inject new vitality into urban consumption with international and high-quality cultural and travel upgrade products, thus contributing to the integrated development of the tourism economy in the Yangtze River Delta region.”

A model of France-China collaboration and win-win partnership to continuously promote the localization and innovation of international IP

During the opening ceremony, Xianlin Nanjing Resort received signed T-shirts as gifts from consuls representing France, Thailand, South Korea, and the Philippines. This precious gift symbolizes that this international-brand resort will forever be regarded as a bridge for cultural exchange and friendship between China and the world.

As a globally renowned leisure vacation brand, Club Med’s localization in China is a successful example of Sino-French collaboration and mutual benefit. The opening of Club Med’s first urban vacation resort in Nanjing, following the successful launch of the short-haul product line “Club Med Joyview,” represents another typical case of innovative localization in China for this famous international IP.

Mr. Joan Valadou, the Consul General of France in Shanghai, remarked, “Over a decade ago, Fosun partnered with Club Med and introduced the Club Med brand to China. Since then, Club Med has continuously introduced innovative projects in China and today has become a pioneer in the urban vacation industry. Fosun has not only contributed to economic development in the tourism industry but also promoted cultural exchanges between the two nations. 2024 will mark the 60th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations and is designated as the Year of Sino-French Cultural Tourism. Against this background, the launch of Xianlin Nanjing Resort carries great symbolic significance.”

Joint with Fosun Foundation: actively supporting rural revitalization

At the opening ceremony of Xianlin Nanjing Resort, Club Med announced a charity program to support rural areas, protect village doctors, and revitalize the countryside in China. From now on, for every accommodation order Club Med receives, they will donate 2 yuan RMB to support the “Health of the Warm Heart of the Village Doctor” project which is co-sponsored by the Fosun Foundation and the China Population Welfare Foundation. On behalf of the Doctor Project, Li Haifeng, the chairman of Shanghai Fosun Public Welfare Foundation, accepted the donation.

As a leading global brand in leisure vacations, Club Med has prioritized social well-being as its responsibility since its establishment. It has consistently advocated and implemented the concept of sustainable development worldwide, supporting social welfare and charitable initiatives. In the future, Club Med will collaborate closely with the Fosun Foundation in fields such as the establishment of a health-oriented rural doctor training base, the development of public welfare travel products, and other crossover brand activities, all to improve the working conditions of rural doctors and help generate more social attention for this group.

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