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Socialgiver and TAT launch “Meaningful Travel” campaign to promote sustainable tourism in the Nordics

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Partnership between Socialgiver and TAT’s Stockholm office aims to foster responsible tourism through the Big Trees Foundation, nurturing Thailand’s natural beauty.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Socialgiver announced a dynamic partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand‘s Stockholm office to champion responsible tourism in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Together, they are launching the Meaningful Travel campaign, inviting businesses across Thailand, from hotels to restaurants to activity providers, to join in fostering sustainable practices, particularly focusing on the care of big trees across Thailand.

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Through this campaign, participating businesses will contribute a portion of their package sales to the Big Trees Foundation, a crucial initiative dedicated to nurturing and sustaining Thailand’s magnificent natural landscapes. During 2022-2023, our collective efforts led to the care of an impressive 257,280 big trees by the Big Trees Foundation.

In an interview, Ms. Oraya Sutabutr, Founder of Big Trees Foundation, shared insights into their significantly growing impact. “Over the past years, our collaboration with Socialgiver and the Tourism Authority of Thailand has enabled us to expand our efforts in preserving Thailand’s natural beauty. Together, we’ve witnessed a remarkable increase in our capacity to care for and sustain our nation’s majestic trees”, she said.

This collaboration reflects Thailand’s unwavering commitment to responsible tourism, urging both businesses and travelers to play their part in environmental conservation and community empowerment.

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