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Top ten places to visit in England in 2022

These travel destinations picked by ClickTravelTips, are our top places to visit in England in 2022.

England has some amazing places to visit, the countryside alone is unparalleled in its beauty. There are so many great destinations that it can be difficult to know where to visit, and this is especially true if you have never been before.

From golden beaches to rolling hills and the nature reserves – and that’s before you get to some of the most picturesque villages, towns and cities in the world.

These travel destinations picked by ClickTravelTips, are our top places to visit in England in 2022.

1. Cotswolds
The beautiful villages and towns of the Cotswolds look as they may have time-jumped from another era. Animated festivals, amazing galleries and as many museums as you like – the Cotswolds is an intriguing place, full of history and character.

Spanning almost 800 square miles, across 5 counties, this region of ‘wolds’ (meaning ‘rolling hills’), is the largest of the 38 of Areas Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales.

2. Yorkshire
Also known as God’s own country, visitors flock to Yorkshire – and not just because of its outstanding natural beauty, although the landscape has inspired generations of painters. There are three national parks here, a rugged coastline and amazing Victorian architecture.

Yorkshire is also home to the National Railway Museum, which is the largest railway museum in the world – which in turn is home to the world-famous Flying Scotsman.

3. Norfolk
Norfolk, with its flint-built villages and rolling countryside, is ideal for cycling trips, walking or even touring by car or motorbike. There are medieval churches to visit, castle ruins, stately homes and intriguing museums to saunter around. All in all, it is easy to have a very enjoyable day out (or a holiday) here with very little effort.

There are lots of visitor attractions in Norfolk so you are sure to find something that will suit you just perfectly – Blue Flag beaches, amazing fishing spots, lots of parks and gardens and an amazing coastline with a rich history.

4. Devon
Holidays and visits to Devon are nothing if not wholesome and idyllic. The area is known for its fantastic food and the great outdoors. A lot of people visit for the excellent beaches on both the south and north coasts, but there is a lot of appeal to Devon inland too.

There are castles aplenty, nature reserves, the Norman Lockyer Observatory (open to the public)… Devon is a beautiful place and it is always a pleasurable visit.

5. Suffolk
The beaches that fringe the coastline of Suffolk are the main draw for visitors and holidaymakers, but they aren’t the only reasons to visit. Wherever you happen to be in Suffolk, you are never far from a cosy pub, or a delicatessen that serves the local specialities – things like delicious cheeses, honey, smoked fish…

Suffolk is also home to the very first English village, West Stow, where you can find an Anglo-Saxon village to explore – a slice of history come to life.

6. Jurassic Coast
If you fancy yourself as something of a fossil hunter, or you are intrigued by the idea of fossils, then the Jurassic Coast could be the destination for you. The rocks here date back around 185 million years when the continents were rubbing up against each other. Charmouth is the best place to find fossils.

The Jurassic Coast is a long stretch of coastline so planning your visit is important. Aside from fossil hunting, you can visit museums, castles or even go sailing.

7. Stonehenge & Avebury
One of the most famous and popular places to visit in England, Stonehenge can be found in Wiltshire. Starting around 2500BC, Neolithic and Bronze Age peoples started hauling huge stones from Wales and the Marlborough Downs. Stonehenge wasn’t completed until around 1600BC.

A visit to Stonehenge is best coupled with a trip to Avebury to the north, here you will find an even larger stone circle – there are fewer restrictions here and much fewer tourists.

8. Bath
One of the oldest cities in England, Bath was founded by the Romans in 60AD. It got its name because the Romans built bathhouses here due to the hot springs present in Bath. Bath is the only place in Britain that has hot springs.

Aside from the baths, amazing architecture and the Royal Crescent, you can also visit the Herschel Museum of Astronomy – Named after William Herschel, the astronomer that made telescopes and discovered Uranus (among other things in the night sky).

9. Cambridge
Home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Cambridge’s population is just 123,000 – an astonishing 20% of which is comprised of Cambridge University students. Visitors can tour the university, and afterwards many enjoy the boat rides on the River Cam.

Other things to do in the city include visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum and admiring its startling huge collection of antiquities. There is also the Mathematical Bridge, so-named because it is built using only straight timber.

10. London
London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is one of the best cities in the world to visit. Almost everywhere you turn you are greeted with history. The city is around 2,000 years old and there are lots of attractions and things to see and do.

Over 20 million visitors, from across the world, visit London every year, with many wanting to see Buckingham Palace. There is also the Harry Potter tour of Warner Bros. Studios, a Dinner Cruise on the Thames, Sea Life London Aquarium and far too many others to list here.

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