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The 10 most beautiful places to visit in Europe in Wintertime

Winter is a good time of the year to organize an affordable but unforgettable vacation.

Winter in Europe is completely different depending on the country you are staying in. If you want to find out what severe winter looks like, then it is possible in the north. If you want to enjoy the mild and warm weather, then the southern countries are ready to demonstrate their hospitality, and the central part of Europe will conquer you with its atmosphere and history. Winter is a good time of the year to organize an affordable but unforgettable vacation. Below you will find a selection of the 10 most beautiful winter destinations in Europe.

10 beautiful places to visit in Europe in Wintertime
Europe is a good option for winter vacation since it offers a lot of places and activities to choose from. There are options for those who want to enjoy the winter weather as well as enjoy the warm weather, for those who want to have active holidays, and for those who want to delve into European culture and history. Let’s discover 10 destinations that can be the perfect choice for your vacation and travel insurance that covers covid that will make your vacation safe.

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One of the farthest places in northern Europe is Abisko in Lapland. This is a real find for those who want to know what a harsh winter is. It has all the conditions to enjoy the northern lights, go skiing in the national park, and even ride a sled with dogs.

Tourists should take care of proper clothing as it is really cold here. Specialized winter outfits, warm clothes, and snow boots are what you can’t do without.

Germany is a good choice for the New Year holidays. Due to the lack of a large number of tourists, you can safely enjoy all the beauties of the city, stroll along the spacious and clean streets, visit museums and taste the local cuisine. Moreover, during winter there are festivals and even a fashion week. Also during this period, the sales season begins, and this is an excellent opportunity for those who love shopping.

During winter, tourists should take care of warm clothes as well, as winter in Berlin may seem frosty to many tourists. But for example, in January, the air temperature during the day may not drop below +1 degrees.

Slovakia is an interesting winter vacation destination. This is an excellent choice for those who love active winter sports. Moreover, skiing here will surprise you with its affordable and pleasant prices, unlike other winter resorts. There are also very reasonable prices for accommodation, food and everything that tourists need. Please note that direct flights to Slovakia can be expensive, and if you want to save money it is worth considering the other options. Tourists are advised to take care of proper clothing as this resort is snowy.

Istanbul is a good winter vacation option for those looking for a gastronomic adventure, special culture, and shopping opportunities. Tourists can enjoy the local architecture, mosques, and luxurious palaces. Also, there are no restrictions for shopping due to the abundance of markets and shops. Many tourists mark this place as a special destination for those who like to try some unusual dishes. In this regard, Istanbul can really surprise you.

In winter, the weather is changeable. The air temperature is +13 degrees but because of the sea breeze, it feels not so warm. 

Well-established Christmas clichés apply to this city like no other. This is the residence of Santa Claus and if you are looking for a fabulous winter vacation, this is the place to be. The symbol of the New Year and favorite of both children and adults lives in a cave, which is shrouded in snow. It is worth visiting the Arktikum Museum, which gives an excellent insight into the life of these places.

Temperatures often drop below freezing, so take care of warm clothes.

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Image by Julius_Silver from Pixabay

In winter, there are not so many tourists here and this is an excellent option for those who prefer a more relaxing holiday. On snowy days, you can walk along the old streets of the city and visit museums. Since there is no an influx of tourists during this period, you have the opportunity to enjoy local bars and restaurants, taste famous Czech beer, and feel the special Prague surroundings.

As for the temperature, it will fluctuate between +2 and -1 degrees Celsius. For walks in Prague, you should have warm clothes, a hat, and gloves.

If you are looking for a place in Europe with a warm winter, then Barcelona is what you need. The capital of Catalonia will delight tourists with good weather, which resembles a warm and even sunny spring. This weather allows you to enjoy all the architectural sights, monuments, and other historical sites. For example, in summer, the sultry heat does not allow tourists to enjoy all this, and winter is an excellent option for those who want an interesting vacation with the opportunity to explore the culture.

The air temperature during the day averages +14 degrees, and there are almost no rainy days.

Most likely, Paris does not need additional advertising for tourists. During this period, there are few visitors, and this is an excellent chance to avoid the crowds of tourists, which is especially important in a pandemic. Enjoy fabulous views of the Eiffel Tower, visit the Palace of Versailles and have a gastronomic adventure in local restaurants to taste classic dishes.

Tourists should take care of the warm clothes as well, as the weather can be unpredictable and even accompanied by rain and snow.

The atmosphere of Amsterdam will not leave anyone indifferent because there is something to surprise everyone. Visit the Van Gogh Museum, go ice skating, and stroll through the famous Red Light District. As for tourists,  there are no crowds compared to the warm season, but you should not count on a complete absence.

The weather conditions in winter are warm. In the daytime, the air temperature can reach up to +6 but sometimes there are snowy days.

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Image by Zsóka Vehofsics from Pixabay

Visiting Count Dracula’s dwelling in winter is an interesting winter break option. Gray skies, light snow cover, and bare trees add a special ambiance to the eminent homeland of Count Dracula. It is recommended to visit Brașov and Sighișoara, which are magnificent medieval towns. By the way, these cities are largely associated with Vlad the Impaler, that is, Count Dracula. Therefore, amazing adventures are what await you.

As for the weather, Transylvania will welcome tourists in winter with coolness. Therefore, it is worth taking care of appropriate clothing.

The final notes
Europe can offer tourists a vacation for every taste. All you have to do is choose the right direction, stock up on seasonal clothes and make a list of places that are worth visiting in the chosen destination.

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