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How to enjoy Melbourne in a day

If you can’t wait to be back to your nomadic lifestyle, you’re probably looking to visit Australia for your next adventure.

With the ongoing pandemic under control, many countries have lifted their travel bans, welcoming local and international tourists. 

If you can’t wait to be back to your nomadic lifestyle, you’re probably looking to visit Australia for your next adventure. However, if you’re short of time and can only afford to explore Melbourne for a day, you can take advantage of this brief guide.

Known to be one of the best livable cities globally, Melbourne can offer you so many beautiful memories. They boast world-class infrastructure, fantastic healthcare, and an education system, attracting so many diverse people worldwide to reside and make Melbourne their second home. Although one day isn’t enough to explore every corner and local street, 24 hours of sightseeing, food tripping, and visiting its bayside area is more than enough for you to fall in love with this city. 

Fortunately, Melbourne tours will allow you to check a lot of your must-visit places. Catch a glimpse of what Melbourne is best known for and apply these traveling tips below:

1. Arrange a day tour 
After you have booked your plane ticket and hotel accommodation, the next important thing to do is to arrange a day tour. Travel agencies offer tour packages to meet the needs and interests of a specific market. They include activities or attractions in high demand and are pre-packaged, making them cheaper than going to sightseeing areas individually and separately.

Even if you’ve been busy with work and other personal obligations, you can still find cheap tour packages offered by Last Minute Day Tours and other local tour agencies in Melbourne. 

A package tour incorporates well-known sites and restaurants where you can eat local specialties in each area, making sightseeing extremely efficient. Since you will be following a strict itinerary, you can maximize your one-day time, doing more things compared to exploring all by yourself. 

2. Visit street art and graffiti
Melbourne is equipped with so many street arts and graffiti here and there. Art enthusiasts will surely enjoy it up to their heart’s content. You can almost see these wall arts on many streets, alleys, and facades. Melbourne has a very active art scene, and so many budding artists paint the streets and express their craftsmanship through graffiti. These street artworks have attracted so many other artists around the world.

After you’re done with your day tour, you can simply take a stroll in the local streets of Melbourne, and you’ll indeed find a lot of graffiti art. If you’re lucky, you can meet and greet some artists in those places and talk to them or ask them about their works.

3. Don’t forget to sip their local coffee 
The city would undoubtedly not be Melbourne without coffee, and Melbourne has the highest density of cafes and restaurants population than any other city. Whether you arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon, it’s important not to miss out on their local coffee. 

Melbourne is located in a bay area, so you can head over to the Yarra river banks and get your caffeine fix in one of their famous cafes. If you research further, you can discover and read which coffee shops are famous and favored by similar tourists like you. If you’re a coffee-lover, don’t forget to sip your coffee before touring. Their aroma alone will help you feel at home in this bustling city.  



4. Explore the waterfront 
Once you’re done with your busy itinerary for day tours and discoveries, it’s time to stroll down the Yarra river right before the sun goes down. This riverbank is considered the heart and hub of all commercial businesses and tourism activities. There are river cruises available and numerous establishments for you to enjoy. This waterfront offers a balance between nature’s beauty and the large city landscape of Melbourne. Spend the late afternoon in this area and wait until evening to fully enjoy the view and surroundings.

The waterfront will allow you to understand Melbourne’s original culture and lifestyle more. Relax and enjoy the waterfront while observing the sections of parkland and public art displays that represent diverse cultural backgrounds and examples of artwork created by people of various ethnicities.

5. Enjoy late nighte eats 
You can’t fully enjoy Melbourne without enjoying its plethora of food choices. While you probably have had your dinner already, it’s better to indulge in some late-night eats. 

Given that you only have one full day in Melbourne, it would be wise to extend your stay and make the most of your time there. There are so many food options to try even during midnight, from burgers, pasta, and steak to fried chicken, sandwiches, and pulled pork. This is an ideal way to sober up if you’ve been drinking after dinner.

Even if you’re a woman traveling alone or a big family spending time in Australia, ensure to include Melbourne in your destination. 

The city of Melbourne is only thriving, and the number of restaurants and cafes is just growing every year. They have plenty of attractions and sightseeing sights that you should never miss out on. Follow this brief guide, and you won’t ever feel regret in booking a day trip to Melbourne. 

Despite the limited time, you’ll surely enjoy many things in the city.

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