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Four reasons to move to Fethiye in Turkey


If you are thinking about moving to Turkey, do make sure you are looking at Fethiye, as this is a location that has a great deal to offer.

Turkey is a country with a rich culture and a lot to offer, which is why it has been so popular with the ex-pat community. Not only will you enjoy sunny weather frequently, but the cost of living can be very affordable, and there are fantastic opportunities within the business sector, healthcare, tourism, and tech industries if you are looking to enhance your career. It is also a great place to enjoy retirement, with gorgeous landscapes and plenty of activities to do at your leisure. There are various excellent locations in Turkey to move to, but one place, in particular, stands out. Fethiye is a wonderful place to live, so if you are considering a move to Turkey, here are a few reasons why this destination is worth looking at.

1. Beautiful surroundings
One of the main draws to Fethiye is the sheer beauty of this area. A port city on the Turquoise Coast, you can enjoy soaking up the sunshine on the beach and a refreshing swim in the sea. You can also take a hike up and along the cliffs, which boast incredible views across Fethiye and the surrounding area. If you are someone who loves to escape into nature, this could be an ideal location for you.

2. Thriving community
While this area can offer a beautiful nature retreat, you will also have access to a thriving community and plenty of fun cultural activities here. There are various historical sites to see of ancient ruins, as well as a lot of great restaurants to enjoy. Being located on the coast, there are also opportunities for sailing and water sports if this interests you, as well as a great nightlife scene for when you are looking for something livelier to stay entertained. The people in this area are also very friendly, so making new friends with other ex-pats and people local to the area shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

3. Great property
Another key reason to look at moving to Fethiye is that there are a lot of great property investment opportunities there. Whether you are interested in purchasing a beautiful villa or a stunning apartment, you should be able to find what you are looking for at a great price. This can be ideal for those looking to relocate to Turkey, or perhaps want to invest in property to lease as holiday rentals. Look at these villas for sale in Fethiye to get an idea of what you can get.

4. Affordable living
As mentioned previously, Turkey can offer a lot of ex-pats more affordable living than in some other countries, and this is another good reason to consider a move to this area. Not only can you get great houses for good prices, but the overall living costs in Fethiye will allow you to get the most out of your life there and can have reduced financial pressures compared to some other areas.

If you are thinking about moving to Turkey, do make sure you are looking at Fethiye, as this is a location that has a great deal to offer.