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Avoid these ten mistakes when you travel

Travelling is indeed fun but we miss out on small things while we are planning the big. Do not make the below mistakes when you travel and that will reduce the fun.

Travelling is escaping. What it is not is a blunder of events. Don’t make it like one. Avoid the common mistakes that people make while travelling in order to have a successful and joyful trip.

Here we have listed the most common mistakes that travellers make. Right from travelling preparations, to the way you act on the destination, there are tiny little things you or a friend must have done only to regret later. Or there might be things that you might not have thought about much before. So read along to find what you can change or avoid while travelling.

1. Don’t wait too long to buy your tickets 
People often push ticket booking up to the last minute. This has many disadvantages including whether you were able to decide about your travel beforehand itself, or you just had a last-minute plan. If you are aware of when you want to travel, then it would be better for you to book your tickets earlier. There’s no prescribed duration. As early as you can. This will give you lower prices on tickets, your preferred seats and also better deals. Most major online flight booking websites run sales during which you might be able to get yourself a good deal on the ticket price.

2. Last-minute packing
The main mistake that many people make is to push packing to the last minute. That can be a hassle too. When we are heading out to another city or country it is usually related to some work. At this time your mind might be occupied with things that you have to do when you get there. Little things might be forgotten like your charger or a pack of chocolate that you want to take with you. This might be left out of the luggage bag. So do not torture yourself with last-minute packing. However, starting to pack too early can be annoying too. 

3. Starting to pack too much in advance
What you shouldn’t even do is spend months packing. This although sounds like a good idea when you are all excited about your trip, you might get overwhelmed until the departure date, and probably even stressed out. Because you keep on thinking a lot about what to include and what to not, you might feel you are packing too much or too little. Instead start packing from a couple of days before the trip, to a week to skip the trouble. Short packing durations mean you can just keep what’s necessary and leave the rest of the stuff out of your head.

4. Don’t overpack
Now we all feel sceptical about whether we might be able to make it to the destination with all the things we need. What if I need a toothbrush instantly? What if I would need kitchenware? What if I can’t find clean towels? These all are the questions we bother ourselves with. But unless you are travelling to somewhere like Alaska or the Arctic ocean, you might be overthinking. 

5. Not checking your cell phone plan
Well going to another city might need roaming to be activated. Similarly, other countries need international roaming. You might need to check your cell phone plan for travel and the necessary upgrades.

6. Going with no preparation for currency exchange
While you travel to another country, there are many ways in which you can make sure you have the right money when you arrive. Firstly, get a card with forex activated. This will leave the hassle of the cash out of the picture as you can use this at almost all of the shops, malls and more. They might not be available for ATM transactions. You can check that with your particular bank. But it is good to have some cash handy as well. Thus you can either get currency exchanged before leaving, or can do so at the airport.

7. Missing up on travel insurance
Many times we ignore the importance of insurance. But if you get one you will have a peaceful mind when you travel. 

8. Connecting flights
It might sound like a good plan to have a minimum gap between flights. Clearly because of many reasons as you might not want to waste time. But did you know that if you keep enough time between connecting flights, you won’t get as tired? 

9. Planing a lot
Visit a planning website or an app to lay down your itinerary. Also keep in mind while doing so that you keep sufficient time for relaxing, food and time lost in finding routes while travelling. Be realistic while travelling and avoid being over-ambitious while you plan. 

10. Missing to research
We often rely totally on guides and miss being spontaneous in the process. So be mindful of that. What you can do is do a little bit of research regarding the places, transportation, prices and so on. So you can make decisions spontaneously and not miss a beat.

Travelling is indeed fun but we miss out on small things while we are planning the big. Do not make the above mistakes when you travel and that will reduce the fun. Travelling while being well informed will ensure you have a happy and productive trip.

Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash

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