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Why Thai hoteliers need to embrace ‘the cloud’

If moving to cloud-based technology is not a priority for your business, you could not only be missing out on the operational efficiencies cloud-based technology can bring, but it could also be costing you money.

With many legacy systems now outdated, server-based systems bring headaches and risks, and many are no longer compliant. But while there is much talk of cloud-based systems and the benefits these can bring to your business, many hoteliers still are unclear about running their Property Management System (PMS) in the infamous ‘cloud’ – where does all the information go? How is my data stored? Is it secure? It can be confusing. 

Hotels that continue to run their technology on servers on-premise will soon find themselves with an out-of-date tech stack. And while the pandemic accelerated the growth of cloud-based services in Thailand and adoption grew 50%, historically cloud adoption in hospitality is slower than other industries and resistance to change from legacy on-premise server-based systems is high. However, hoteliers are now seeing the benefit of a cloud-based PMS,  along with the reduced cost of ownership and positive ROI. It is critical for forward-thinking hoteliers to understand why the future of hotel technology is well and truly ‘in the cloud’ and the efficiencies cloud-based technology can bring.

What does a ‘cloud-based system’ mean?

Cloud-based systems mean there are specialised data centres all over the world that play host to your data – everything that was once stored on that bulky server on your premises now lives online. You can have peace of mind knowing your data is protected and stored in multiple locations for instant backup in the case of an outage. 

Benefits of Cloud-Based technology

Switching to cloud-based technology can improve almost every aspect of running a successful hotel business, bringing operational efficiencies, enhancing the guest experience, and ultimately saving costs.

Accessibility & Flexibility

A cloud-based system allows you and your staff to log into your system from wherever you are, whenever you like, on whichever device – your choice and at your convenience. You just need a connection to the internet and a web browser. This allows you to run a more flexible and agile operation, meaning visibility of your business does not stop when you leave your desk.

Cost Savings

If the cost involved in upgrading your system seems prohibitive, the long-term savings mean cloud-based technology makes commercial sense. With cloud technology, upfront costs are essentially to cover the set-up of the solutions. The license fee is diluted over the contract length and payable monthly or annually to improve your cash flow position. But with the ongoing maintenance costs greatly reduced, cloud-based technology provides a more cost-effective solution longer term. Lower IT maintenance costs, no hefty IT and on-premise engineers bills when the server or software needs to be replaced or fixed, no unexpected upgrade bills, lower insurance, are just a few areas where savings can be made. And that’s even before you consider the cost benefits gained through automation of operational processes. 

Enhance the guest experience and increase job satisfaction

By centralising, standardising and automating mundane daily tasks, staff resources can be deployed to focus on activities that drive greater value to your business and enhance the overall guest experience. In addition, with much of the manual data entry processes removed from their day-to-day tasks, both staff productivity and job satisfaction are greatly improved, meaning a happier, more efficient workforce!


Building or acquiring a new hotel? Integrating your core operational processes with new, niche ones? Scalability is easy with centralized and integrated cloud operations, ensuring a flexible, adaptable approach to support your strategic longer-term plans.

Accessible, accurate, business intelligence

User-friendly dashboards, reports and analytics can provide real-time accessible and centralized data at the touch of a button. No more pouring over Excel spreadsheets – the whole team can easily access key performance metrics, anytime and anywhere, allowing opportunities to be actioned quickly and swift action taken to reverse concerning trends.

Easy Deployment

If switchover to a cloud-based PMS seems like a huge upheaval, think again! Systems are quick and easy to install and train, with minimal disruption to your daily business. Within no time, your new upgraded technology can be up and running, allowing you to benefit from the operational efficiencies cloud-based systems can bring to your business. Check out the process here

No more onsite engineer visits to ensure you are benefitting from the most up-to-date technology. Your systems can be remotely updated with the latest releases, meaning you’re always using the most optimized tech and enjoying a continuous return on your original investment.

Peace of Mind

Cloud solutions are secure, reliable, and fully supported by your PMS provider; allowing you to focus on what matters the most – your guest – rather than IT maintenance and data security.

With an increasing number of hoteliers seeing the benefits cloud-based technology can bring, moving to the cloud will be critical for hotels to stay both competitive and relevant. Migration will help attract both new staff trained in cloud solutions, and new guests expecting to have the same experience as in other industries. The operational benefits and cost savings a cloud-based solution will bring mean migration should be a priority for your business in 2023. 

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