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Hong Kong Airlines flights affected by Typhoon Saola

The typhoon Saola approaches Hong Kong fast and will be closest to the city on Friday and Saturday. The storm is currently packing winds of 210kmh. Saola has the potential to be the strongest typhoon to hit Hong Kong and affect flights.

Hong Kong Airlines announced that due to the arrival of Typhoon Saola, the following Hong Kong Airlines flights will be cancelled:

Date Flight No. Route Status
1 September HX128 Hong Kong to Hangzhou Cancelled
HX161 Hong Kong to Sanya
HX162 Sanya to Hong Kong
HX216 Hong Kong to Nanjing
HX217 Nanjing to Hong Kong
HX234 Hong Kong to Shanghai Pudong
HX247 Shanghai Pudong to Hong Kong
HX282 Hong Kong to Taipei
HX283 Taipei to Hong Kong
HX399 Beijing Daxing to Hong Kong
HX607 Tokyo to Hong Kong
HX609 Tokyo to Hong Kong
HX613 Osaka to Hong Kong
HX658 Hong Kong to Okinawa
HX659 Okinawa to Hong Kong
HX679 Okinawa to Hong Kong
HX761 Hong Kong to Bangkok
HX765 Hong Kong to Bangkok
HX766 Bangkok to Hong Kong
HX772 Bangkok to Hong Kong
HX776 Bangkok to Hong Kong
Date Flight No. Route Status





2 September

HX112 Hong Kong to Hangzhou  






HX113 Hangzhou to Hong Kong
HX129 Hangzhou to Hong Kong
HX236 Hong Kong to Shanghai Pudong
HX237 Shanghai Pudong to Hong Kong
HX398 Hong Kong to Beijing Daxing
HX606 Hong Kong to Tokyo
HX608 Hong Kong to Tokyo
HX616 Hong Kong to Osaka
HX676 Hong Kong to Okinawa
HX775 Hong Kong to Bangkok

Flights not listed above may also be affected/delayed. Passengers are advised to check the latest Flight Status before leaving for the airport. To receive SMS or email notifications, passengers should register for Flight Alerts at least four hours prior to their scheduled departure time. Instant assistance is available through the airline’s Live-Chat online service or Contact Us.

Hong Kong Airlines will waive all charges on rebooking, reissue and refund for all tickets issued for travel on Hong Kong Airlines flights with confirmed booking. Please refer to The Related Ticketing Arrangements.

To expedite flight arrangements or refund applications, passengers are encouraged to submit their requests via Hong Kong Airlines’ online Self-rebooking or Refund application services. Passengers who purchased their tickets through travel agents, as well as tour group passengers should contact their agents directly.

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