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Fact: you can grow your business rapidly, without any marketing spend

  • Louis Gray, top Silicon valley blogger talks about businesses using social media successfully
  • Cutting costs means any activities which aren’t bringing about revenue need to be re-evaluated. So where does that leave your social media activities?

Cutting costs has been one of the biggest focuses for struggling businesses in 2009. And reducing marketing spend is one of the quickest ways to reduce costs.

The Marketing Department is usually one of the largest costs for a business’ budget. As online networking has grown tremendously, traditional (and often more expensive) forms of promotion have taken a back seat.
In this show, Gray talks about the advantages of using social media for business and how it can cut costs and attract customers.

” In a difficult environment where you’re trying to save money, cut costs, but continue to grow your brand and grow the visibility of your company, social media is the most cost effective way to get your word out there…”

For more tips on social media for business, watch the show above.

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