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Visitors to share unique personal experiences in Singapore

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) launched their Global Brand Media Campaign on Saturday (8 March) by inviting visitors to drop by the mobile video booth, dubbed “Travelpod”, to record their Unique Personal Experiences (UPE) as part of STB’s latest efforts to encourage visitors to have a personal interaction with the Uniquely Singapore Brand.

The Global Brand Media Campaign is an extension of the Beyond Words campaign which was the second phase of the Uniquely Singapore brand campaign. This new campaign will further establish the Uniquely Singapore brand meaning by increasing its brand relevance, appeal and resonance globally. To achieve this, STB is exploring expanding its current brand communication tools, channels and media platforms to reach a wider audience internationally. The introduction of the Travelpod is the start of STB’s exciting plans for the Global Brand Media Campaign. STB will partner British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the National Geographic Channel (NGC) to promote this campaign globally through their online and television platforms.

Deviating from previous campaign styles involving celebrities and personalities, this campaign showcases the visitor as the “celebrity” instead and encourages visitors to share their interpretation of what makes Singapore unique with prospective visitors from their own country. Through this initiative, we hope to lend a sense of street-credibility to the message and a heartfelt invitation to visit Singapore.

Ms Winnie Pua, Director, Brand Management, STB said, “This campaign attempts to uncover the layers of what defines a unique personal experience in Singapore. By learning from visitors their interpretation of the brand, we can ensure the Uniquely Singapore brand remains fresh, relevant and meaningful for each visitor, encouraging top-of-mind destination recall as well as to invite potential visitors to make a visit to discover their own unique personal experiences here.” Their stories are an affirmation of the Beyond Words promise, that no two experiences are the same and each is a uniquely Singapore experience.”

The Uniquely Singapore brand has attained a level of recognition worldwide, having also won industry awards for its impactful marketing efforts, and is ready to receive interpretations from visitors.

The Travelpod is one of the ways to have visitors encourage their fellow countrymen to visit Singapore to enjoy their own Unique Personal Experience here. Dressed in the traditional red that the Uniquely Singapore brand is associated with, the Travelpod’s design is inspired by regular newsstands where people purchase magazines and newspapers for the latest news. The creative rationale is that every visitor has a newsworthy story of their experience in Singapore worth sharing globally.

The Global Brand Media Campaign takes the Unique Personal Experience to a truly personal level. Visitors sharing their experiences in Singapore will uncover and dig deep into defining and exploring the possibilities of what the Uniquely Singapore brand means to each individual.

Selected video recordings shared by visitors at the Travelpod will be made into commercials and shown pan-regionally, in April 2008, via the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the National Geographic Channel (NGC) as well as internationally, through their websites which have global outreach and appeal. Both websites dedicated to this campaign will only be operational from April 2008. These two media partners were chosen as they were ideal media platforms in reaching out to a wide group of potential visitors.

Video recordings which capture the essence of the Uniquely Singapore brand will be uploaded onto the National Geographic’s website to encourage prospective visitors to find out more about Singapore. Aside from video recordings done at the Travelpod, visitors are welcomed to upload their own videos taken when they were in Singapore onto the National Geographic website. Visitors can also share their unique personal experiences in Singapore, by doing the video recording from their own country. Written testimonials of their time in Singapore can also be submitted to the BBC website. STB, BBC and NGC will jointly select one grand prize winner from each channel where each winner will receive a free trip to Singapore amongst other attractive prizes.

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