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Starwood contributes to the generation of a new MICE destination

Since the opening of the first Sheraton Hotel in Yalong Bay in 2003, the scale of Starwood in Hainan is seen to boom which now contains 11 hotels under five Starwood brands lying along the golden coast on the east of Hainan province. Starwood, therefore, positions itself as a symbol of successful expanding among international hotel chains in Hainan. Now, it is seeking opportunity with local provincial government to promote the island to a world class MICE destination.

HAINAN – “We are very proud to become one of the five management divisions of Starwood Greater China in the year 2012, Hainan area now can operate itself as an independent business!” Bao Bochu, Managing Director of Starwood (Hainan) Ltd. Indicated that Hainan was undoubtedly of great importance to the entire company, “we hope that” he said “with the cooperation of the local government, Hainan is going to become a golden destination of MICE travel.”

This year has been seen as a tough period especially for luxury hotels that have to reposition themselves to adjust to the change of the market structure and demand.   Therefore, how to deal with this situation or how to change becomes an urgent question that high-end resorts in Hainan are now facing. Recently, Chief Officer of Hainan Tourism Board, Lu Zhiyuan visited Starwood Hainan Ltd., accompanied by a provincial investigation group, during which they discussed the way of transition for high-end resorts.

According to incomplete statistics, Hainan now owns more than 50 high-end resorts, with another 10 properties under construction which makes it one of densest areas in terms of luxury hotels and resorts. As two most important stakeholders in the development of hospitality industry in Hainan, representatives from both the government and Starwood Hainan Ltd. exchanged their expectation as well as responsibilities:

“How to attract more tourists to Hainan is not only a problem we are facing, but also an undeniable responsibility that we should take” Bao Bochu said. At the same time, Starwood, as a business in Hainan, also gives their expectations: the government is expected to increase investment in transport infrastructure, such as adding routes and transport choices to arrive Hainan; developing local cultural characteristics in order to enable Hainan to be on the top list of tourists’ choices. In turn, Starwood will: promote Hainan as a premier destination of conferences and conventions; make Hainan a training base of hospitality professionals and skilled labours; promote Hainan in certain markets; enhance cooperation with local government regarding significant programmes.

As a response to Starwood, Lu Zhiyuan expressed that the government had already been focusing on the improvement of local transport infrastructure and with the completion of West Ring high-speed railway, the network of transportation throughout the whole province will be accomplished. Meanwhile, Hainan government is very glad to hold hands with Starwood in promoting and building the island as a world class destination for MICE travels as well as a high-quality training base of hospitality human resource.

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