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Site59: offers the inside scoop on 50 top destinations from travel experts, staff, and customers has enhanced its informative Why Go package content for each of its Top 50 destinations… has enhanced its informative Why Go package content for each of its Top 50 destinations. By combining local knowledge with first-hand experience from its editors, staff, and customers, Site59 will ensure that your weekend away isn`t just about landing a great deal, but about experiencing the insider gems of your destination.

Wondering which cafe is known for the tastiest macchiato? Need to find an insider souvenir to bring back? Curious about the most secluded, romantic beach? Site59 has you covered, serving as your personal concierge and providing valuable insight into each destination`s best kept secrets.

Still asking, Why go? Let Site59 shed some light on one of the Top 50 destinations on the list – Bermuda:

Bermuda: The Long and Shorts of It

Striking aqua waters, charming British idiosyncrasies, and arguably the friendliest people on earth are only 600 miles off the North Carolina coast (that`s an hour and 43-minute flight for you New Yorkers).

Place we love, even if it is touristy: St. George`s village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of 17th-century cottages and cobblestone streets.

History lesson: Take a 20-minute walk from St. George`s to Fort St. Catherine (ca. 1614), the most impressive of 13 remaining British forts on the island.

Off-the-beaten path: While tourists flock to Horseshoe Beach for volleyball pick-up games, follow the sandy footpath to the seemingly private Chaplin Bay, just over the neighboring grassy knoll.

Editor`s favorite watering hole: They say you drop in and swagger out of the 1930s-era Swizzle Inn in Southampton, famous for the Dark n` Stormy, a blend of spiced Bermuda rum and ginger beer.

Break the bank dinner: The beguiling cottages of the Waterloo House, with their bougainvillea-draped walls, yellow and white-striped awnings, and views of passing sailboats, set the scene for an elegant, five-course dinner.

Day after the break-the-bank dinner: The Saturday night crowd can be found at uptown Hamilton`s Jamaica Grill, the place for sublime coconut fish, jerk chicken, and banana dumplings.

Local flavor: Most food in Bermuda is imported, so it`s worth seeking out local rockfish, conch fritters, fish cakes, and shark hash, a hard-to-find and surprisingly tasty blend of shredded shark meat, spices, and rice.

Good to know: Tourists aren`t permitted to drive in Bermuda, and taxis can add hundreds of dollars to a weekend getaway. Follow a Bermudian`s lead and take the bus-it`s a relatively inexpensive and relaxing way to see a lot of the islands.

Dress code: You`ll giggle the first time you see them, but Bermuda shorts, which are sharpest when donned with a navy blazer and standard-issue knee-highs and loafers, would be a perfect addition to the trip wardrobe.

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As the final step of your convenient booking experience, be sure to take advantage of this informative resource and print out a copy of the Why Go section on Bring it with you on your last-minute getaway and set off on your trip as a travel insider. You`ll be a step ahead of the game before you even pack your bags!

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