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FCM Travel Southeast Asia boosts Australia-Singapore flights


FCM Travel Southeast Asia announces increased flights from Australia to Singapore, strengthening business travel and economic ties.

In the fast-evolving landscape of global business travel, connectivity is the lifeline that supports the growing interdependencies of world economies. The recent announcement by FCM Travel Southeast Asia about additional flights from Australia to Singapore marks a significant milestone in enhancing this vital connection. Kenji Soh, the General Manager at FCM Travel Southeast Asia, sheds light on the strategic importance of this development.

Comments by Kenji Soh, General Manager, FCM Travel Southeast Asia:

“Australia has become an increasingly important business destination with data from FCM Travel Singapore showing bookings taking off by 30 percent between 01 January and 30 April 2024, as compared to the same period last year.

“Singapore is Australia’s largest two-way trading partner and investor in Southeast Asia. It is Australia’s fifth largest trading partner $52.9b in 2022, and fifth largest source of foreign direct investment $148.6 billion in 2022.”

“Top Australian destinations traveled by business travelers include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth hence we welcome the additional weekly seats from Sydney and Brisbane to Singapore.”

“Trade and business ties between Australia and Singapore are strong and new areas of cooperation include the fields of renewable energy, supply chain resilience, artificial intelligence, and air connectivity.”

“Singapore’s 2024 economy is forecasted to grow at 2.4 percent and remains an important market of Flight Centre Travel Group, on Australia’s.”

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