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rezio hits milestone with 6 million users and reveals 2023 travel trends

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Rezio celebrates serving 6 million travelers while releasing a comprehensive report on 2023 travel trends, offering valuable insights into consumer behavior and market segments in the travel industry.

rezio, a travel booking solution under the KKday Group, reached a significant milestone by serving over 6 million travelers worldwide. This milestone underscores rezio’s commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences.

With a vast network comprising more than 3,500 merchants offering a diverse selection of 15,000 travel experiences, rezio has experienced an impressive 100% increase in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) for travel products compared to the same period last year.

Recently, rezio unveiled its latest report, “rezio’s 2023 Travel Trends and Consumer Insights,” offering valuable insights into emerging trends. This comprehensive report draws on data spanning from 2020 to the first half of 2023, encompassing both the pandemic and post-reopening periods. It categorizes travel businesses into six key segments: outdoor activities, tours, tickets, experiences, workshops, and leisure.

Notable findings from the report revealed that “Outdoor Activities” providers on rezio place a strong reliance on real-time order management. “Tours,” especially those offered by travel agencies, experienced remarkable growth in 2022, boasting a staggering 335% increase, driven by the popularity of guided day tours. Additionally, the report highlights that a majority of bookings are made during lunch breaks and before bedtime, with an average lead time of just 5 days.

Within the domain of cross-border travel, rezio spotlights Japan as a standout destination that’s really good at drawing tourists and is the most popular choice for travelers coming to Asia. Conversely, South Korean travelers exhibit a robust preference for overseas trips, ranking first in Asia for outbound travel.

Recognizing the diverse array of platforms and online payment methods favored by travelers from various countries, rezio offers a sophisticated “Channel Manager” feature. This empowers merchants to seamlessly distribute their products through integrated international sales channels, including popular OTAs like KKday, Viator, and GetYourGuide, among others. By leveraging an efficient order management system that efficiently organizes bookings from various sources, operators can strategically target potential customers, ultimately driving an increase in bookings.

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