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Plateno Group opened over 1,300 hotels in the Belt and Road region

Apart from delivering a better experience to consumers, Plateno Group also actively expands in domestic and foreign markets.

GUANGZHOU, China – The Belt and Road Initiative has effectively stimulated the boom of China’s outbound and inbound tourism market, bringing brand new development opportunities for the hotel industry. According to statistics, Plateno Grouphas opened over 1,300 hotels in the Belt and Road region, with high occupancy rates and strong momentum.

Plateno Group has over 1,000 hotels operating or under construction in the Belt and Road region.

As it is widely known, the Belt and Road Initiative is the abbreviation for the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative, covering a total of 18 provinces, autonomous regions and direct-controlled municipalities in China. Meanwhile, China has concluded a variety of visa-free agreements with 46 countries and regions along the Belt and Road. The National Tourism Administration calculated more than 25 million people participated in the tourism exchange between China and the countries along “the Silk Road” and it is expected that 85 million tourists along the Silk Road will be attracted to China during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period and about 110 billion USD will be consumed in tourism, with brand new development opportunities for the hotel industry.

At present, hotel brands under the Plateno Group umbrella have started operations in the Belt and Road region mainly including Portofino Hotels & Resorts, Xana Hotelle, James Joyce Coffetel, ZMAX Hotels, Lavande Hotels, Chonpines Hotel, Hampton by Hilton, 7 Days Inn, 7 Days Premium Hotel, IU Hotel and PAI Hotels, dotted in or around countries along the Belt and Road, such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka with the hotel numbers exceeding 1,300. Not only have these hotels driven further development of local tourism and the hotel industry, they also deliver an enhanced experience to tourists who travel the surrounding regions of the Belt and Road. By virtue of connections with the hotels affiliated to Plateno, through personalized services of different brands, software and hardware facilities, these hotels further create a high-quality travel experience for customers.

Apart from delivering a better experience to consumers, Plateno Group also actively expands in domestic and foreign markets. Since 2014, Plateno Group has established a Jakarta office in Indonesia, a Nairobi office in Kenya in succession, to provide support for the business expansion in the areas along the route from Southeast Asia to Africa. They also established a Berlin office in Germany to support the business development in Central and Eastern Europe.

In Southeast Asia, Plateno signed more than 15 hotel projects in Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia in early 2017. In Europe, Plateno signed hotel projects in Germany, Austria and Italy, and also making advanced negotiations on new hotels in Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. For the moment, there are over 400 hotels affiliated to Plateno Group under construction in the Belt and Road region.

Plateno Group’s overall competence boosts confidence in franchisee.

Due to the increase in the numbers of tourists exiting and entering the country, tourism consumption in countries and cities in the Belt and Road region is now on a significant increase. Under the circumstance that the tourism industry has brought good opportunities for the development and investment of hotels, Plateno is boosting confidence in its investors with its comprehensive competence in scale, membership, supply chain, etc.

In 2015, Plateno joined hands with Ctrip to make a strategic investment in eLong, becoming one of OTA’s closest partners in China’s hotel industry. In the same year, the two giants of Plateno Group and Jinjiang International Group joined forces, becoming a Chinese hotel group ranking top 5 among the world’s hotel groups. In January 2017, the database integration of Plateno members and Jinjiang members preliminarily accomplished, together creating a joint membership with members exceeding 100 million. The members are entitled to experience a number of hotel brands, and franchised investors of hotels affiliated to Plateno, and are entitled to use the membership platform as an important channel for customer sources. In the aspect of supply chain, Plateno has been creating a one-stop hotel supplies procurement platform and strives to stand out with service advantages in products, logistics, delivery, prices and so on by targeting the pain points in investors.

Plateno Group was awarded as one of Global Growth Companies appraised by the 2014 Summer Davos Forum, and one of “The 50 Most Innovative Companies in China” appraised by Fast Company, an American commercial magazine, in both 2014 and 2015.

Compared with 2016 Q1, Plateno Group achieved a year-on-year increase of 79 million USD in revenue, and a 12.1% increase in RevPAR. The hotel occupancy rates have significantly increased as well in 2017 Q1.

Photo caption: 7 Days Premium Kuta Bali, Indonesia

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