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Paul Hayward of Bangkok completes take over of Sunbelt Asia

Paul Hayward Co-Founder of Panthera Group Thailand makes the winning bid on Sunbelt Asia.

Paul Hayward of Bangkok, is the co-founder of Panthera Group Thailand, a rapidly expanding private company well known for its lucrative portfolio of restaurants, bars, Super clubs and Hotels across Asia. Established in 2002, Sunbelt Asia is the largest litigation, accounting and business services network in Thailand. Sunbelt offer a range of services from business start-ups and acquisitions, litigation and legal, to immigration and visa management.

It may come as a surprise to those that think of Paul Hayward’s Panthera Group Thailand as a hospitality conglomerate that they chose to purchase Sunbelt Asia. However, Panthera Group Thailand are a diversified company with 17 years of experience in property management, capital and equity investment, distribution and logistics, accounting and much more. 

2019 has already seen Panthera Group Thailand profit from several valuable acquisitions, and since its inception Panthera Group Thailand have amassed assets in excess of 160 million USD.

Paul Hayward, the man with all the ideas and Co-Founder of Panthera Group Thailand said, “Taking over Sunbelt Asia is another giant step forward toward Panthera Groups international expansion plans and our goal of being Asia’s largest and most trusted acquisitions company. For many high-profile businesses and entrepreneurs, Sunbelt Asia is already Thailand’s go to law firm. Panthera Groups business knowledge and expertise will simply make Sunbelt better. Both myself and Micky Doherty who co-founded Panthera Group Thailand with me thought immediate changes were necessary. We’ve already brought in some highly skilled new partners to head Sunbelt Asia’s commercial division. We’ve hired a roster of accomplished new lawyers and upgraded IT systems and hardware, we’re also in the process of moving to bigger offices. Adding Sunbelt Asia to our arsenal allows us to increase their reach and accelerate their growth. We’re happy to welcome Sunbelt Asia to the Panthera Group family”.

Paul Hayward’s Panthera Group are on an acquisition spree, and their timing couldn’t be better. Thailand’s food and beverage market is expected to show an annual growth rate of 14.7% between 2019-2023. Couple that with a recent surge in commercial and industrial property markets and Thailand’s acquisition pipeline looks very healthy, as does the future for Paul Hayward and Panthera Group Thailand.

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