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More than 900 thousand people visited EXPO 2017 in the first month of the exhibition

From 10 June to 10 July the EXPO 2017 site was visited by 921.293 people, about 14% per cent of which were foreign visitors.

ASTANA, Kazakhstan – One month ago the Specialised Exhibition EXPO 2017 “Future Energy”opened in Astana with the participation of 115 countries and 22 international organisations.

From 10 June to 10 July the EXPO 2017 site was visited by 921.293 people, about 14 % per cent of which were foreign visitors. The exhibition tickets had been purchased online in 55 countries.

Chair of the Board of the JSC “NC Astana EXPO-2017” Akhmetzhan Yessimov gave a positive assessment of attendance dynamics saying that the numbers are higher than initially expected.

“As EXPO 2017 reaches this first milestone and daily visitor numbers are on an upwards trend, it is a pleasure for the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) to see the overwhelming response of visitors on site, which reflects the excitement that the first Specialised Expo in Central Asia is generating,” said Dimitri Kerkentzes, Deputy Secretary General, Bureau International des Expositions (BIE).

In line with the Future Energy theme, renewable energy sources were installed in the EXPO 2017 area to optimise energy costs. During 31 days of the exhibition 24,6 mw hours of energy were generated, including 19,4 mw hours produced by a photoelectric plant. “It is worth mentioning that 24,6 mw hours of energy is a month’s supply of electricity for 123 average flats over a month,” added A. Yessimov.

EXPO 2017 has become a platform for more than 1000 business, cultural and entertainment events. During the Ministerial Conference and the Eighth International Forum on Energy “Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Development”, the Eurasian Media Forum, the UNWTO World Conference “Tourism and Future Energy: Reducing CO2 Emissions”, the Second Preparatory Meeting of the 25th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum and the World Scientists and Engineers Congress WSEC-2017 participants discussed relevant green energy issues.

The Future Energy Forum, the core event of Astana EXPO 2017, will result in the adoption of The Values and Principles Manifesto.

The exhibition guests have also enjoyed concerts, shows and exhibitions, such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Mumiy Troll, Bi-2, Dimash Kudaibergenov, Black Star, the Cirque du Soleil Exclusive Show, an exhibition of Nicholas Roerich’s paintings and many other events.

The Astana EXPO 2017 has hosted 27 National Days during which the participating countries introduced their culture and traditions.

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