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Indonesia eyes incentives to boost 2024 tourist arrival goals


Indonesia plans to reintroduce incentives like ticket discounts to attract 14.3 million tourists by 2024, facing stiff ASEAN competition.

In a concerted effort to meet its ambitious 2024 target of attracting 14.3 million international tourists, Indonesia‘s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is considering the reintroduction of incentives. This strategic move aims to enhance the appeal of the archipelago as a prime destination amidst fierce competition from neighboring ASEAN countries.

During a seminar in Tokyo, the ministry’s director of tourism marketing for Asia-Pacific, Raden Wisnu Sindhutrisno, disclosed ongoing discussions about the potential reinstatement of incentives, previously manifested as plane ticket discounts and cashbacks. These measures, subject to approval by the Ministry of Finance, are part of a broader strategy to revitalize Indonesia’s tourism sector, leveraging its natural beauty, rich culture, and numerous international accolades.

Comparatively, Indonesia faces stiff competition from countries like Thailand and Singapore, which have significantly larger promotional budgets. This initiative aims not only to attract more tourists but also to optimize airline passenger seat occupancy, which currently falls short of full capacity.

Statistics from 2023 reveal a notable gap between the available seats on China-Indonesia flights and actual passenger numbers, highlighting the need for increased efficiency to achieve the 14 million foreign tourist arrival goal. Garuda Indonesia’s general manager for Japan, Sony Syahlan, further emphasized this point by mentioning an 85% occupancy rate on the Narita-Denpasar route, suggesting an opportunity to increase flight frequencies with improved occupancy rates.

The Indonesian government’s proactive approach, exploring various incentive options and collaborative efforts with national carriers, signifies a robust commitment to making Indonesia a top choice for international travelers, thereby driving economic growth and enhancing the country’s tourism infrastructure.

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