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HNA Hospitality joins hands with TerraCycle in ‘zero waste’ campaign

Massive toiletry recycling project reaps big benefits for the environment and affirms HNA's commitment to social responsibility.

BEIJING – Chinese hotel operator HNA Hospitality Group has achieved initial success with its new “Zero Waste” campaign, underscoring HNA Hospitality’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development. Launched in partnership with TerraCycle, the world’s leading innovative recycling company, the program recycled 600 kilograms of discarded toiletries from three hotels in HNA’s Tangla brand over four months, representing 900 kilograms’ worth of reductions in CO2 emissions. That is equivalent to saving 942 KWH of electricity.

From July 24 – November 30, HNA Hospitality collected used cotton swabs, shower caps, shaving kits, bath supplies, toothbrushes and other waste from the three Tangla hotels and turned them into brand-new, resalable products, eliminating the pollution that would have come as a result of discarding them and purchasing replacement items.

We are extremely pleased with the results from this first phase of our zero-waste program,” Steven Song, the President of HNA Hospitality said. “Thanks to our partnership with TeraCycle and the diligence of the staff at our Tangla brand hotels, we were able to prevent a significant amount of waste from entering the environment. This program, along with our recent improvements in food and water safety at all of our hotels, is further evidence of our brand’s excellence and proof of our commitment to providing a comfortable, convenient and safe stay for all of our guests.”

The Zero Waste campaign is just the latest element of HNA Hospitality’s CSR efforts which embodied the group’s dedication to promote sustainable growth across its holdings. Since 2013, the group has implemented a series of measures, such as increased recycling and adopting sustainable design and construction, to reduce the carbon footprint of its hotels, whose energy consumption rate has dropped considerably for four consecutive years. For the Zero Waste Campaign, the group plans to expand the program to more of its hotel in the coming months.

We will continue to explore new approaches and adopt new techniques to help lower costs and make our services more environmentally-friendly,” Song commented. “We look forward to building wide awareness of our brand as one that is seen as a pioneer of sustainable hotels in China and around the world.”

Photo caption: Tangla Hotel Beijing

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