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Future City of Asia: Enterprise Award to OCT Vision Inc.

OCT Vision will continue to follow the enterprise principle of "high efficiency, honesty, innovation, gratitude," spirit and philosophy of constant innovation, and lead the new development direction of the intelligent tourism, creating new miracles for the prosperous development of intelligent tourism industry in China.

YANGSAN – Recently, the 5th Asia City Forum and awarding ceremony for the Future City of Asia Award were held in Yangsan, South Korea. Li Jian, Vice President and General Manager of Shenzhen OCT Vision Inc., attended the forum and gave keynote speeches at the Session of Tourism: Asia. In the meantime, OCT Vision Inc. was awarded with the Future City of Asia: Enterprise Award – Intelligent Tourism Best Contribution Award for its independent innovation and intensive work in the field of intelligent tourism.

This is the first international organization that is associated with the City Image Propaganda Department as the principal, and the international awards established and issued by Asia City Association are only given once a year, thus having extremely high authority and influence in the industry. OCT Vision Inc. winning such an authoritative award owes to its persistent independent innovation, dedication in amusement technology expression, service tourism theme deduction and commitment in innovative development of intelligent tourism.

As one of the digital amusement platforms and major enterprises in division of OCT Group’s culture and science & technology industry, OCT Vision Inc. focuses more on the tourist experience, insists on people-oriented principle, even organically combines intelligent operation and supervision of the enterprise, leads the developing trend of intelligent tourism and gradually achieves the general development goal of intelligent tourism. The intelligent tourism systems created by the company fully explores comprehensive intelligent experiences, interactive experiences and cultural experiences of intelligent tourism, providing different experiences for different tourists and helping the tourists with their “trip of immediate action upon intention” with intelligent products.

Mr. Li Jian further elaborated the concept and development mode for the city of intelligent tourism. He indicated “OCT Intelligent Tourism City Project is a new and first integrated project with high-quality tourism life style as the performance essence, deep development and comprehensive promotion of intelligent tourism as the goal, online and offline intelligent application as comprehensive approaches, and with high-quality cultural life, tourism experience as the form.”

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