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Discover agricultural food & beverage products in the ‘COLOURS BY EUROPE. TASTES OF EXCELLENCE’

Food lovers know that European food is so different from the traditional Thai dishes, and yet with similarities in tastes and flavours.

Europe is a popular destination for people from all-over the world. Travelers visit Europe not only to marvel at its historic and cultural heritage, but also to embark on a palatable journey. Food in the EU is rich and diverse across the 27 Member States, with each country having its own distinctive gastronomy culture, traditional know-how, landscape and climate. Europe’s climate is very varied, from the Arctic coast in the north to the Mediterranean region in the south, from the Atlantic Ocean on the West, to the Black Sea in the East, encompassing diverse landscapes. This diversity enables the EU to produce and export a large variety of high-quality and authentic agricultural food and beverage products. The “Colours by Europe. Tastes of Excellence.” campaign, a celebration of this culinary heritage, presents and promotes authentic agricultural food and beverage products from European Union (EU) in Thailand. The campaign has been holding its retail activations and promotions in partnership with Gourmet Market from March until May 2022 and welcomes everyone to discover European Union agricultural food and beverages. 

Food lovers know that European food is so different from the traditional Thai dishes, and yet with similarities in tastes and flavours. Nowadays, we can find beyond the “usual suspects” of European food like pizza, pasta and steak, as Thailand has a wide variety of agricultural food and beverage products from the EU consisting of  fine delicacies, ranging from meat, dairy, and cereals, to fruit and vegetables and more.

European food can be indeed easily bought in supermarkets to prepare meals at home with high-quality EU ingredients, which responds to the home cooking trend; this has gained popularity in recent years, with more Thais cooking healthier food at home.

There has also been growing demand for sustainable food products in Thailand, as more people are aware of the interrelations between our health and the health of our soil, plants, animals and planet. For this reason, the EU has set up the ‘farm-to-fork’ strategy, targeting to improve animal welfare, and reverse biodiversity loss by building food chains that work for consumers, producers, climate, and environment. EU standards regulate the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals. When choosing EU fruits and vegetables, consumers can be sure that the products have been harvested in conditions ideal for climate, soil and safe cultivation.

Not only EU food is safe and sustainable, but also it has an important cultural-culinary heritage, which is protected by the GI labelling scheme.  PDOs and PGIs labels protect the name of a product, which is from a specific region and follows a particular traditional production process. Each GI product has its own story to tell about its tradition, history, and region of production. The EU has more than 3,000 GI products ranging from fruits, vegetables, meat products, cheese, wines and spirits, and more. Their characteristics and reputation are intimately linked to the geographical area in which they are grown or produced. They cannot be “delocalised” and produced anywhere else in the world without losing their specificities. This brings important benefits for the producers and offers a guarantee of authenticity and origin to consumers.

‘Enjoy – it’s from Europe!’ with the “Colours by Europe. Tastes of Excellence.” Campaign. Bring home quality European food & beverages, and create simple-to-cook, delicious European dishes with ingredients and products from the EU.

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