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2nd PATAcademy-HCD

Committed to Human Capital Development (HCD), the 2nd PATAcademy-HCD is designed for rising stars in the travel industry who want to broaden their practical experience, engage with leading speakers and learn from their peers.

BANGKOK – “Marketing, Branding and Social Media” will be the theme of the 2nd PATAcademy-HCD. The programme will take place during June 17-20, 2014 at the PATA Engagement Hub in Bangkok, Thailand.  
Mr Martin J Craigs, PATA CEO, noted that the inaugural PATAcademy-HCD in December 2013 was a major success with participants rating the interactive four-day program very highly.
He added: “PATA will continue to strengthen PATAcademy-HCD as a part of PATA’s human capital development strategy. The aim is to nurture a healthy, prosperous and diverse travel and tourism industry.
Confirmed speakers include Mr Olivier Jager, Co-founder & CEO,, Spain; Mr Damian Cook, Founder & CEO at E-Tourism Frontiers, Kenya; Mr Jens Thraenhart, Founder, Digital Innovation AsiaThailand; Mr Sieng Van Tran, CEO, Quintessentially Lifestyle and CEO, Egg Group, Singapore; Ms Sonal Patel, Director of Twitter Exchange, JAPAC, Twitter, Singapore; and Mr Laurens van den Oever, Global Director Travel, GFK Consultancy, Singapore.
Topics include “Data Analysis for Marketing and Forward Planning,” “Developing Tourism Through Online Branding and Digital Marketing,” “Semantic Search and Behavioural Targeting – Marketing Strategies for the Tourism Industry,” “Leveraging Chinese Social Media for Consumer Engagement – from Crisis Management to Brand Awareness,” “Real-Time Conversation: Travel,” and “Building the Brand DNA.”
Participants will gain practical experience during the training. They will be assigned to work in a group on destination projects, crisis cases or events which have impacted tourism in a destination. They need to evaluate the impact of the crisis in terms of travel patterns, forward bookings and future building trends. Presentations will be shared at the end of the program.
The registration fee for the 2nd PATAcademy is US$998 for PATA members, US $1,200 for Chapter members and US$1,500 for non-members.
In 2014, the 3rd PATAcademy-HCD will take place in December 2014. VIE Hotel Bangkok is the Official Accommodation Partner for PATAcademy-HCD and will host the farewell cocktail party on June 20.
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