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Exploring authentic Thai hospitality through homestays: Unveiling hidden gems

FTI’s innovation in incorporating homestays into its offerings enables travelers to intimately experience Thai friendliness and immerse themselves in the culture.

Munich, Germany – Thailand, often referred to as the “Land of Smiles,” is renowned for its warmth and hospitality. Leading travel operator FTI is revolutionizing the Southeast Asian travel experience by introducing a unique element: homestays. Gunnel Burri, Strategic Destination Officer Asia, elaborates, “We aim to make our journeys in Southeast Asia even more special and captivating. To achieve this, we have expanded our portfolio to include something extraordinary – what we call ‘Homestays’.” The objective is to deviate from conventional tourist routes and present Thailand from an alternative perspective.

Thailand Unveiled: Behind the Scenes

FTI offers two meticulously crafted travel itineraries that feature stays with local families: “Thailand’s Hidden Treasures,” spanning three nights, and “Thailand Off the Beaten Path,” spanning four nights. The latter, for instance, commences in the bustling capital city of Bangkok, allowing ample time for individual exploration. Departing from the metropolis, the journey leads to Uthai Thani and further progresses aboard a rice barge along the Sakaekrung River. As the raft houses drift by during the boat ride, visitors gain insights into the river-dwelling communities’ way of life. The highlight of this expedition is the ecotourism community of Si Satchanalai, offering accommodation within families, such as the Na Thon Chan Homestay. Guests are provided with private rooms that reflect traditional Thai living conditions. An essential experience is the evening exploration of the village through local E-Tak vehicles, providing personal encounters with residents proudly showcasing their workplaces – weaving houses, doll workshops, and rice fields. Guided translations enhance the immersion in these captivating narratives.

A Diverse Offering for Nature and Culture Enthusiasts

Subsequently, the itinerary includes a visit to Chattrakan Waterfall, characterized by its seven tiers and the adjacent national park of the same name. In Chiang Khan Village, the vibrant pedestrian street, lined with wooden houses hosting restaurants and small shops on both sides, presents an intriguing spectacle. Observing the locals expertly navigating on scooters, loaded with goods and supplies, is a fascinating sight. The journey continues with a scenic attraction: the ascent of Phu Pa Po Peak, offering views of Phu Ho Mountain, often likened to Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji. The expedition concludes with another stay within a local family. Meals are prepared by the residents, featuring traditional dishes crafted from local produce. Following a typical local breakfast the next morning, guests embark on their return journey to Bangkok, either to a hotel or directly to the airport.

FTI’s innovation in incorporating homestays into its offerings enables travelers to intimately experience Thai friendliness and immerse themselves in the culture. This exclusive opportunity to lodge with locals and witness their culinary traditions adds a distinctive touch to an Asian vacation. As the travel landscape evolves, FTI’s approach allows travel professionals to present a holistic and authentic Thai encounter to their clientele, catering to their aspirations of exploring beyond the conventional tourist paths.

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