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PKFARE partners with Umetrip to boost international hotel bookings for outbound Chinese travelers

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PKFARE’s strategic partnership with Umetrip enhances global hotel offerings for Chinese outbound tourists, leveraging technology and vast hotel inventory to cater to the growing demand for international travel.

SHENZHEN, CHINA – PKFARE announced a strategic partnership with Umetrip to serve as a technical partner, international hotel supplier as well as a hotel connectivity platform, facilitating Umetrip in expanding its new international hotel booking business and seizing opportunities in the accelerating outbound travel market recovery.

As a globally leading travel trade marketplace, PKFARE has leveraged its extensive experience in travel distribution and technological prowess to collaborate with Umetrip. PKFARE played a pivotal role in defining project requirements, constructing business logic, customizing API interfaces, and conducting hotel and room mapping. This collaborative effort successfully resulted in the establishment of a dynamic inventory management system for international hotels at Umetrip. Functioning as the core supplier of international hotel content for Umetrip, PKFARE offers a comprehensive portfolio of nearly 650,000 hotels worldwide through one-stop API integration. Additionally, serving as a supply connectivity platform, PKFARE establishes a vital link between Umetrip and upstream suppliers, ensuring a continuous expansion of Umetrip’s international hotel content offerings.

Umetrip is a leading app in China’s aviation information services, with a vast user base exceeding 100 million and extensive user travel data. In recent years, Umetrip has expanded its services to include airport transfers, flight tickets, hotels, duty-free shopping, visas, and other business areas, creating an all-encompassing, integrated travel solution for users. Since 2023, with the comprehensive reopening of the Chinese outbound tourism market and the implementation of an increasing number of destination countries’ visa-free policies, the demand for outbound tourism is expected to accelerate. Umetrip, capitalizing on this trend, is expanding its international hotel booking business to provide Chinese outbound travelers with a more diverse, high-quality, and competitively priced selection of hotels.

Our collaboration with PKFARE has greatly expedited the launch of our international hotel booking business, and the performance during the trial phase has exceeded our expectations,” said Tengfei Zhang, head of Umetrip’s hotel booking business. “We deeply appreciate the synergy of business expertise and technological capabilities amassed by PKFARE as a travel trade marketplace. PKFARE’s profound insights into critical elements and product logic throughout the business process were instrumental. On this basis, they helped us refine business requirements, develop product logic, and achieve a swift launch of our international hotel booking business.”

Umetrip’s international hotel booking business has outperformed expectations since its launch, attributed to PKFARE’s accumulation of massive upstream and downstream data and technological advantages as a travel trade marketplace. For instance, hotel contents supplied by PKFARE are well-matched with Umetrip’s hotels and room types, thereby saving Umetrip both time and technical costs. Moreover, PKFARE’s mapping logic prioritizes booking conversion, adopting higher data measurement standards and establishing an efficient data cleaning process. Furthermore, PKFARE continuously updates and refines its mapping algorithm, achieving industry-leading accuracy, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and user experience, and attracting a larger user base for Umetrip.

As an innovative travel tech company, PKFARE is committed to enhancing the distribution efficiency of the travel industry by capitalizing on its technological prowess and comprehensive travel contents. To date, PKFARE has extended its reach to over 100 countries and regions, offering access to a portfolio of 650,000+ hotels worldwide and connecting with more than 2,000 distribution channels, including OTAs, TMCs, B2B travel agencies, offline travel agencies, and novel platforms. Looking ahead, PKFARE will continue to expand its global market presence, facilitating Chinese customers in connecting with global contents, empowering the industry’s upstream and downstream, and providing end consumers with more and better choices.

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