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NomadHer app sees twelvefold surge in Indian female solo travelers


NomadHer’s popularity soars in India, revolutionizing solo travel experiences for Indian women with a twelvefold user increase.

NEW DELHI – NomadHer, a global solo female travel community app, is experiencing unprecedented popularity in India, witnessing a remarkable surge with a twelvefold increase in the number of Indian female travelers.

The startup was also part of K-Startup Centre (KSC)- India 2023, which is an accelerator program run by The Circle: Founders Club.

In recent months from July, NomadHer has seen a substantial rise in its user base, particularly among Indian women seeking solo travel experiences. The app’s unique features and commitment to empowering and connecting female travellers globally have resonated strongly with the Indian audience, leading to its viral success in the country.

The surge in popularity aligns with the increasing trend of Indian women exploring solo travel and seeking a supportive and secure community. NomadHer’s own identity verification process, user-friendly interface, real-time connectivity, and the ability to find like-minded female travel companions have contributed to its rapid adoption among Indian female travellers.

Hyojeong Kim, CEO and founder of NomadHer, expressed her excitement about the app’s success in India, stating, “We are thrilled to see NomadHer making such a positive impact on the solo travel experiences of Indian women. The substantial increase in the number of Indian female travelers using our app reflects the growing trend of women seeking independent travel adventures. NomadHer is dedicated to fostering a global community where women can connect, share experiences, and embark on solo journeys confidently.”

In celebration of this success and to further support women’s travel opportunities NomadHer successfully hosted the Delhi NCR Female Globetrotter Festival at The Circle.Work in Gurugram. Themed ‘She Can Travel Anywhere,’ the festival featured engaging talk shows and networking sessions with Hyojeong Kim, along with accomplished female entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and Indian travellers. The festival unfolded as a spectacular success, weaving together an enchanting tapestry of culture and connection as spirited female travellers from India, South Korea, Germany, and the Philippines joined to share experiences and build connections.

“I am delighted to witness the extraordinary success of NomadHer in India, as the app experiences a massive surge in participation among women seeking solo adventures. NomadHer’s journey began as part of the KSC-India program, and this remarkable growth reflects not only the effectiveness of the initiative but also resonates with the mission of The Circle FC to support women entrepreneurs creating innovative solutions to get much-needed mentoring and support to thrive in India.” said, Nemesisa Ujjain, Project Director of The Circle FC.

NomadHer continues to expand its offerings, including surfing camps in Bali and Busan, a women’s hiking program in Seoul, and an annual female globetrotter festival in Paris and Seoul, envisioning a world where women explore together and share diverse experiences. Currently, NomadHer stands as the go-to app for 100,000 female travelers from 190 countries.

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