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intuitive expands into Asia: DidaTravel partners with iVectorOne to strengthen hotel connectivity

DidaTravel gains seamless access to advanced hotel connectivity capabilities through intuitive’s iVectorOne API. The partnership enables DidaTravel to expand their accommodation options and contributes to the growth of iVectorOne’s supplier network.

LONDON – intuitive – leading travel technology provider, announces its new partnership with DidaTravel, a prominent international travel distribution provider headquartered in China. This strategic collaboration unlocks opportunities for both companies, with DidaTravel having access to strengthened hotel connection capabilities and intuitive being able to strengthen its foothold into the Asian market.

By integrating with intuitive’s iVectorOne API, DidaTravel gains seamless access to a wide and diverse selection of hotels, complementing their existing inventory and providing a broader range of choice for their customers. DidaTravel will also play a pivotal role in expanding iVectorOne’s supplier network by seamlessly distributing their impressive portfolio of over 1,000,000 worldwide hotels. This integration enriches iVectorOne’s distribution capabilities, providing customers on the platform with access to a wider range of accommodation options from DidaTravel’s extensive portfolio. iVectorOne is an innovative hotel aggregator solution that offers travel companies a seamless integration and access to a diverse range of hotel supply sources. By consolidating multiple sources into a unified solution, iVectorOne maximises efficiency without compromising speed or performance, giving travel companies the ability to easily manage their hotel inventory.

Rikin Wu, CEO for DidaTravel, said, “We are very pleased to be partnering with iVectorOne on this two-way strategic partnership which will enable us to further expand our global accommodation portfolio while at the same time playing a key role in expanding iVectorOne’s supplier network, in particular across the most demanded destinations across Asia Pacific.”

“We are delighted to partner with DidaTravel and extend our presence into the Asian market. This collaboration seamlessly integrates them with iVectorOne, broadening their accommodation options for customers while significantly contributing to the growth of our supplier network. This strategic partnership propels our expansion into new markets, enhancing our sourcing and distribution capabilities.” added Andy Keeley, commercial director of intuitive.

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