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EVEN Hotels embarks on a journey of physical and mental rejuvenation

  • EVEN Hotels Brand Experience Day. From left to right: Amanda, EVEN Hotels brand ambassador, Florence Hu, Chief Marketing Officer, IHG Greater China, Joseph Wong, Vice President Franchise Performance, Holiday Inn Express and Operations Support, Greater China.
  • 'Paint a Frisbee, Soar with Vitality', Brand Experience Day

Creating a new starting point of vitality journey.

SHANGHAI – In recent years, there has been a notable surge in demand for health and wellness offerings in China, especially as its consumers embrace a higher quality of life. This trend has prompted significant investments in wellness tourism from the national government and the private sector. Recognizing the evolving needs of China’s discerning travelers, EVEN Hotels, a wellness lifestyle brand from IHG Hotels & Resorts (IHG), empowers guests to maintain their wellness routine while on the road. At the same time, EVEN Hotels presents the captivating ‘Paint a Frisbee, Soar with Vitality” event at EVEN Hotels Suzhou Grand Canal during the vibrant summer season. This remarkable gathering combines sought-after and thrilling sporting experiences, empowering guests to discover their own distinct path towards achieving the harmonious blend of travel and well-being.

Florence Hu, Chief Marketing Officer, IHG Greater China, said: “With the continuous advancement of the ‘Healthy China 2030’plan, people are increasingly driven to elevate their overall well-being. There is a surging demand for comprehensive guidance on how to effectively accumulate vitality, restore energy, revitalize both mind and body and achieve an optimal state of equilibrium. As the hotel industry’s first hotel brand created with wellness at its core, EVEN Hotels has been dedicated to promoting the brand philosophy of ‘Unpack your best self’. We hope our guests have a fulfilling experience at EVEN Hotels, where they could keep active, eat well, rest easy, and accomplish more during their stay. Embrace a relaxed and carefree atmosphere as you embark on a transformative journey that redefines the essence of travel, allowing you to indulge in a new realm of experiences.”

“Recharge Your Energy”: Embark on a Refreshing Journey

Since entering the China market, EVEN Hotels has consistently taken action to promote enriching experiences, empowers guests to maintain their wellness routine while on the road. Recently, EVEN Hotels collaborated with fitness enthusiast and brand ambassador, Ms. Amanda, to host a delightful brand experience day “Paint a Frisbee, Soar with Vitality” at EVEN Hotels Suzhou Grand Canal. As the first newly opened EVEN Hotels of 2023, EVEN Hotels Suzhou Grand Canal offers advanced fitness facilities, delicious and nutritious meals, and serene spaces for relaxation, providing travelers with a unique and exceptional stay experience.

The event showcased a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, featuring a series of immersive experiences that left participants both physically and mentally rejuvenated, through the spirited frisbee competitions, engaging interactive hotel tours, serene aromatherapy essential oil workshops, and delightful culinary tastings. Participants were able to unwind and embrace the essence of the EVEN Hotels brand lifestyle, which goes beyond disciplined dietary and exercise habits to emphasize the importance of achieving inner spiritual contentment. Whether during travels or everyday life, the key lies in embracing a state of effortless enjoyment, revitalizing one’s spirit through suitable exercise, ample rest, balanced nutrition, and a fulfilled inner self, thus reclaiming vitality and radiance.

“Embrace Balance”: Indulge in Relaxation, Vitality, and Excitement

EVEN Hotels is dedicated to seamlessly integrating travel and wellness, providing guests with a diverse range of experiences that encompass four key aspects: Keep Active, Eat Well, Rest Easy, and Accomplish More. By offering these multifaceted experiences, EVEN Hotels caters to leisure travelers and business professionals seeking a quality lifestyle, enabling them to find the ideal state of balance between mind and body during their journeys.

Keep Active

EVEN Hotels offers an unparalleled fitness experience that caters to individual preferences. Each guest room is equipped with a generously equipped training zone, complete with stability balls, foam mats, yoga blocks, massage rollers, resistance bands, and access to expertly crafted instructional exercise videos. Additionally, the best-in-class Athletic Studio is designed to cater to the distinctive fitness requirements of guests, providing personalized and unrestricted exercise opportunities at their leisure.

Rest Easy

A restful environment is essential to staying balanced. EVEN Hotels provides a premium sleep system to ensure guests received a good night’s sleep through bath products sourced from the prestigious organic Australian skincare brand Milk & Co, coupled with the award-winning aroma sleep lamp and signature sleep tea. From visual and auditory elements, to make finding a great spot to chill out or get recharged and refreshed completely stress-free.

Eat Well

Cultivating a well-rounded and health-conscious lifestyle necessitates a balanced and nutritious diet. EVEN Table takes pride in curating delectable dishes that equally prioritize flavor and wholesomeness, meticulously sourcing natural ingredients. Guided by a steadfast commitment to authenticity, our culinary artisans employ innovative techniques to craft exceptional gastronomic experiences. Moreover, the hotel’s lobby features Hydration Station, offering locally inspired beverages that ensure guests commence their day with invigorated energy.

Accomplish More

EVEN Hotels prides itself on offering impeccably designed public areas and guest rooms that exude comfort and sophistication, enabling guests to optimize their work endeavors and unlock possibilities. Thoughtfully curated guest rooms feature well-appointed workspaces, complete with adjustable standing and sitting desks with conveniently located power outlets, fostering seamless productivity. The lobby also boasts flexible workspaces that cater to diverse business needs. Moreover, guests can partake in guided stretches, relaxation techniques, and mindful meditation sessions during meetings, fostering a harmonious equilibrium between mind and body. With a steadfast commitment to convenience and accessibility, our hotel empowers guests to work with unparalleled efficiency and efficacy. Besides, EVEN hotels adorned with an abundance of lush green plants, creating a refreshing and delightful natural ambiance that greets guests at every turn.

Expanding Horizons through Franchise Plus in China

Building on its “In China, for China” commitment, IHG remains focused on developing the Chinese tourism market and gaining deep insights. Since introducing the “Franchise Plus” model customized for the China market seven years ago, it has become a significant growth engine for the group’s development with its flexible localization approach.

Following the Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and Crowne Plaza, the franchise brand portfolio has expanded to EVEN Hotels in this year. Leveraging the strength of the brand, EVEN Hotels aims to enhance its own light-asset operational capabilities and empower hotel assets with greater value-added potential. In the fiercely competitive market, EVEN Hotels aims to explore the “Comprehensive health” track in the hotel industry, assisting owners in aligning their unique needs and advantages to achieve maximum operational benefits and meet the diverse demands of contemporary business travelers.

Currently, EVEN Hotels operates 4 hotels in China, strategically located in Suzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Chengdu, with another 22 in the pipeline in Greater China. This year, the brand will welcome new openings at the EVEN Hotels Shanghai Expo and EVEN Hotels Shenzhen Guangming Cloud Park. In the future, EVEN Hotels remains committed to developing the China market, maintaining a steady growth momentum, and creating healthy and balanced travel experiences for guests in more destinations.

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