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Malaysia Tourism Council upholding the constitution amidst adversity

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Despite deregistration and adversity, the Malaysia Tourism Council pledges continued resilience and commitment to advancing the nation’s tourism industry.

The Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC) announces that after efforts by former Secretary General, Dato’ Hajah Noorzaleha Baharuddin, the association has been successfully deregistered by Registrar of Society (ROS).

Despite the commitment of the MTC’s Executive Committee (excos) and management in adhering to the registration guidelines, it appears that an ulterior motive has prevailed.

With this outcome, it has become evident that certain parties with ill intentions are finding satisfaction and victory. Despite the association’s adherence to its constitution and its commendable efforts during the pandemic, these elements seem to be rejoicing over the setback faced by MTC. Police are still investigating the mismanagement of the MTC fund by the former Secretary General, Dato’ Hajah Noorzaleha Baharuddin.

Throughout this period, the excos and management of MTC have remained steadfast in their dedication to the association’s constitution and principles. Every action taken was meticulously carried out with utmost transparency and in strict compliance with the established rules and regulations

“We have diligently addressed any queries posed by the ROS through interviews and official correspondence and we will continue to appeal with the Ministry of Home Affairs on the matter. We firmly believe that MTC played a pivotal role in promoting and advancing Malaysia’s tourism industry. Our commitment to our nation’s tourism growth was unwavering, and our association served as a unified platform to bring together various stakeholders for the greater good of our beloved country.” says the Secretariat of the MTC.

Amid the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic of Covid- 19, MTC’s pivotal role in Malaysia’s tourism industry was unequivocally demonstrated. Throughout the crisis during the nationwide lockdown, MTC played an instrumental role in providing crucial assistance to industry players.

One of the initiatives, the association extended a helping hand to tour bus drivers, who faced dire circumstances due to travel restrictions and declining tourist numbers. MTC implemented initiatives to support these drivers, assisting them in their time of need and fostering opportunities for them to pivot their roles during the pandemic.Additionally, during the lockdown period, MTC displayed remarkable ingenuity by pivoting tour van operations to cater to the prevailing circumstances. With travel restrictions severely impacting traditional tourism activities, MTC proactively explored alternative avenues to sustain livelihoods and contribute to the community. Leveraging their existing infrastructure and resources, tour vans were repurposed to provide fast delivery services for parcels and essential items.

This agile approach not only helped tour van operators stay afloat during challenging times but also contributed significantly to meeting the urgent needs of the public during the lockdown. MTC’s adaptability and willingness to think beyond conventional boundaries underscored its commitment to both the industry’s well-being and the welfare of the broader society.

Through these efforts, MTC showcased its unwavering dedication to safeguarding the welfare of all stakeholders in the tourism sector and exemplified its commitment to fostering resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

“It is regrettable that despite our best efforts to work collaboratively with all members, a divisive agenda prevailed. We must recognize the challenges faced and the consequences borne, but we remain hopeful that the spirit of unity and dedication to Malaysia’s tourism sector will not wane. In light of this, we hope to be given a chance to meet with the Minister in the near future. This meeting aims to discuss the matter extensively and seek a just resolution to preserve the essence of MTC and its vital role in advancing Malaysia’s tourism industry. We firmly believe in upholding justice and defending the sanctity of our constitution. It is our hope that truth and fairness will eventually prevail. During these trying times, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all members, partners, and stakeholders who have demonstrated unwavering support and loyalty to MTC. Your solidarity has been invaluable to us, and we will continue to draw strength from it as we navigate this adversity. While the path ahead may be uncertain, MTC’s determination to serve as a driving force for Malaysia’s tourism industry remains resolute. Together, we will emerge stronger, embracing new challenges, and embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.” added the Secretariat of the MTC.

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