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Luxury Tribe India 2024: Elevating the luxury travel landscape

2 Luxury Tribe India 2024

Luxury Tribe India’s 5th edition in New Delhi showcases innovations in luxury travel, drawing global industry leaders and stakeholders.

NEW DELHI, INDIA – Luxury Tribe India, the luxury travel sector event, concludes its fifth edition with grandeur and success.

Showcasing a remarkable increase in suppliers & buyers’ participation and a plethora of rewarding meetings translating into lucrative business initiatives, the event underscored its pivotal role in shaping the future of luxury travel in India and beyond.

Amidst an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration, Luxury Tribe India 2024’s three-day event held at The Imperial in New Delhi witnessed a surge in attendance, reflecting the industry’s unwavering resilience and commitment to excellence. The event served as a dynamic platform for industry leaders, buyers, and stakeholders to forge meaningful connections, explore cutting-edge trends, and capitalise on emerging opportunities in the luxury travel market.

Bhavnesh Sawhney, Co-founder and director of FB Celebrations captured the sentiment, “The show is perfect for me. All the international exhibitors showed off their high-quality offerings. I met interesting potential collaborators and found the event well-organized. Transitioning to the attendee’s perspective was a refreshing experience.”

Buoyed by the overwhelming success of this year’s edition, Luxury Tribe India announced the dates for its next edition, March 10-13, 2025, at The Imperial in New Delhi, promising another unparalleled showcase of luxury travel experiences, insights, and networking opportunities.

Alexandre Hulen, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Lana Dubai, a Dorchester Collection Hotel, encapsulated the event’s essence, “The best thing about the show is that it covers different regions of India making it time efficient and enhancing the quality of selection of the agent.”

In addition to the bustling marketplace and insightful discussions, Luxury Tribe India 2024 featured thought-provoking presentations and workshops to guide the exhibitors in navigating the luxury Indian traveller’s segment.

Fireside chats centred on marketing strategies for emerging destinations, challenges, modalities, and the joys of working in the Indian Market – sharing best practices and offering attendees invaluable insights into navigating the Indian market.

Additionally, the ILLUME conference for the year-themed “India’s Wealth Surge: A Paradigm Shift in Luxury Consumerism” covered panel discussions led by experts shaping the future of India’s multibillion-dollar luxury travel & celebrations market. The conference was moderated by Rajan Datar, an internationally recognised travelogue broadcaster and journalist.

The Illume conference delved into the transformative effects of India’s economic expansion on luxury consumption trends. It brought to light varied industry leaders’ perspectives on shifting spending behaviours, introduced emerging luxury trends to watch, and dissected what these dynamics mean for the future of luxury consumerism in India.

With a rising number of millionaires, the luxury sector witnessed a surge of opportunities, emphasising the Indian traveller’s prioritisation of time and value-added experiences over discounts. Relationship-building emerged as crucial for successful sales, alongside navigating regulatory changes and understanding diverse market segments. From emerging trends like Bleasuretrips to the growing market for Indian honeymoons and weddings, Luxury Tribe India highlighted the transformation of luxury travel into a personalised journey tailored to individual tastes.

Fredrico Caligaris Papa, from IL Borro Toscana, described the event as “an innovative show to have an introduction to how to target the market,” adding, “I am extremely happy to have met qualitative meetings and human beings – the fact that it is a specialised event allows meaningful connections.”

Neil Shah, from Atlantis Royal Dubai, shared, “For my first time in India, [I am] happy to have met and spent quality time with the buyers. Connecting with all of them under the same roof to discuss special requests and understand the needs of their clients. I will join next year as the selection of the buyers is of great quality.”

Here are key takeaways reflecting the dynamic and evolving landscape of luxury travel in India:

  • Value of Time and Emotional Behaviour: The pandemic emphasised the importance of instant gratification experiences, reshaping traveller preferences.
  • Increasing Wealth in India: The rise in millionaires presents abundant opportunities in the luxury sector, reflecting a growing market demand.
  • Importance of Trust and Relationships: Trust and relationships are paramount in driving sales, with travel advisors playing a crucial role in matching travellers with suitable products.
  • Diverse Demographics and Needs: Tailored approaches are essential due to varied preferences across regions, from vegetarian Michelin experiences to traditional offerings.
  • Renewed Focus on Indian Honeymoons and Weddings: Luxury travel experiences catering to special occasions like honeymoons and weddings are gaining prominence, reflecting evolving consumer tastes.

Sheetal Rastogi, Founder of Luxury Tribe, expressed her pride in the event’s success, “Reflecting on the culmination of another successful Luxury Tribe and ILLUME event, it’s clear that we are witnessing a pivotal shift in the Indian luxury travel narrative. The Indian affluent traveller is no longer a tiny participant in the global luxury market; they are becoming its trendsetters and pacemakers. As the economic might of India’s UHNIs & HNIs surges, their quest for immersive and transformative experiences is creating a new set of demands within the luxury travel sector across all destinations.

The Luxury Tribe event has been a melting pot for this new paradigm, where ideas exchanged will likely chart the course of this luxury traveller demographic from India for years to come. As we anticipate the roads yet travelled, one thing is clear: the Indian luxury traveller is not just exploring new geographies; they are expanding the horizons of the luxury narrative itself.

It’s a thrilling time to be part of this industry, and as Luxury Tribe leads this evolution, our focus continues to remain on deep, insightful engagement with the stakeholders representing the affluent Indian traveller, leading the way in crafting this significant demographic that has started to make an impact in the global luxury travel marketplace.”

Deasy Swandarini, General Manager of Tanah Gajah, a resort by Hadiprana, shared her impressions, “The first experience at Luxury Tribe has been impressive. I think coming to the event is the right decision to see a selective luxury partner to work with in India.”

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