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53rd Skål Asian Area Congress: Fostering global business connections in Bahrain


The 53rd Skål Asian Area Congress in Bahrain focuses on enhancing global tourism connections, featuring a B2B session and support from the Minister of Tourism, fostering international business opportunities.

The 53rd Skål Asian Area Congress, set to open in May in Bahrain, represents a pivotal moment for tourism professionals worldwide. Under the leadership of Mohamed Buzizi, President of SKAL International Bahrain 370, the event is poised to be a significant gathering of industry leaders and professionals.

Emphasis on Business-to-Business Engagement

A key focus of this year’s congress is the creation of a dedicated Business-to-Business (B2B) session. This innovative platform is designed to bring together Tour Operators, Travel Agents, and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) from Bahrain and across Asia. The objective is to facilitate robust business discussions, allowing participants to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. This session is expected to be a dynamic environment for networking and establishing lucrative business relations.

High-Level Patronage and Publicity

The B2B session, and indeed the entire congress, will receive esteemed patronage from H.E Fatima Al Sairafi, the Minister of Tourism. Her involvement, along with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting event, is anticipated to garner significant publicity and attract an increased number of participants from diverse regions.

Call for Promotion and Participation

In light of the congress’s importance, there is a strong appeal to SKAL clubs and National Committees (NCs) to promote this event within their networks. The aim is to ensure broad awareness and encourage attendance from across the globe, enhancing the congress’s status as a premier event in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Additional Accommodation Options

Further enhancing the appeal of the congress, the Asdal Gulf Inn has extended an offer to accommodate attendees, adding to the array of hospitality choices available for delegates. This gesture underscores the collaborative spirit of the Bahrain hospitality sector and its commitment to supporting this significant event.

The 53rd Skål Asian Area Congress in Bahrain is shaping up to be an event of substantial importance for the global travel and tourism industry. With its focus on B2B interactions, high-level support, and encouraging participation across continents, the congress is set to be a landmark event fostering international business connections and showcasing Bahrain as a leading destination for tourism professionals.