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S Hotels and Resorts champions green tourism with innovative eco-friendly initiatives

  • SAii Phi Phi Island Village
    SAii Phi Phi Island Village
  • Marine Discovery Centre – Saii Phi Phi Island Village
  • SO/Maldives
  • MarineDiscovery Centre – CROSSROAD Maldives

S Hotels & Resorts introduces sustainable tourism practices across its properties, aligning luxury with environmental conservation.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Imagine if your holiday offers you not just idyllic bliss, but also participation in environmental conservation and local connection.

With this in mind, S Hotels and Resorts PCL (SHR), the international hospitality company from Singha Estate PCL (S), has introduced differentiated holiday experiences with a key focus on green tourism, which is an essential feature for the growing number of environmentally responsible tourists.

“S Hotels and Resorts has promoted Green Tourism since its inception and takes pride in the fact that it ranks amongst one of Green Tourism pioneers.” says Mr. Michael Marshall, CEO of S Hotels and Resorts.

By enriching travel and recreational experiences, as well as developing creative activities enabling travellers to offset the environmental impact of their stay, SHR is presenting Thai tourism with a fresh innovative perspective, so paving the way for Thailand to become a world-class destination.

Furthermore, SHR is guiding the tourism industry towards “responsible tourism” by promoting Green Tourism to its properties including those in Thailand and the Maldives.

Two highlighted areas are The Eco Luxury Experience and Ecotourism: Learn from Nature and Locals.

The Eco Luxury Experience

At the mention of eco-tourism, the concept of luxury, comfort, and top-class services are unlikely to enter people’s minds. Yet leading luxury hotels across the world have, in fact, already integrated sustainability into their operations. For example, they are using alternative energy sources and locally procured produce as well as ingredients from sustainable sources.

SHR’s hotels in Thailand and the Maldives have contributed to environmental care in various ways. For example, the company has made efforts to reduce single-use plastic consumption and have set up their own drinking-water production and bottling systems. Guests are also provided with water-refilling corners. All SHR properties in Thailand and in the Maldives, including SHR’s latest resort – SO/Maldives, have solar panels installed on the roofs of its villas, are using electric vehicles for transport, and have set up their own water treatment systems. The bathroom amenities are all locally sourced and environmentally friendly. All four lifestyle resorts under the “SAii Resorts” brand, namely SAii Phi Phi Island Village, SAii Laguna Phuket, SAii Koh Samui Choengmon and the Maldives, SAii Lagoon Maldives, use eco-friendly building materials and décor whilst continuing to provide luxury and comfortable stays. Each of the above features draw inspiration from local arts and crafts, as well as adopting an ethical and sustainable outlook with a view to being socially responsible. These resorts confirm SHR’s commitment to operating its businesses whilst supporting both environmental protection and sustainability.

Ecotourism: Learn from Nature and Locals

Spending time at a unique natural attraction or a biodiverse location presents tourists with an important opportunity not just to get close to nature but to also learn about environmental protection. SHR hotels offer their guests endless opportunities to explore the nature surrounding them. For example, guests are offered Nature Trail activities, both on land and water, at Santiburi Koh Samui and SAii Phi Phi Island Village, exposing them to the local biodiversity as well as encouraging environmental advocacy.

The company has also set up Marine Discovery Centres at SAii Phi Phi Island Village and at CROSSROADS Maldives. These centres aim to educate and inspire both the local community and resort guests on how we can all make a big difference to the environment.

CROSSROADS Maldives has also signed an important memorandum of understanding with the Maldives’ Ministry of Climate Change, Environment & Energy to drive collaborative efforts to maintain the Maldives’ beautiful natural landscape and environment on a sustainable basis. The collaboration supports the Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures within the CROSSROADS Maldives’ project, which covers more than 31% of the total project area. Additionally, at the CROSSROADS Maldives’ Marine Discovery Centre, SHR has set up both indoor and outdoor exhibitions across five learning zones related to coral diversity and conservation. Divers are also trained at the centre on how to enjoy underwater wonders whilst still ensuring the maximum safety of marine animals. Moreover, CROSSROADS Maldives has created a coral conservation area that spans over 64,000 square metres. Construction and tourist activities in this area are strictly prohibited to nurture the marine ecosystem of the Maldives, which hosts one of the world’s most abundant coral reefs.

As green travellers are conscious of environmental impacts, they embrace clean energy and the expansion of green areas. When planning a holiday, they look for a destination with good environmental management. If a destination also promises to engage them in meaningful sustainable and green activities, their chance of visiting will be even higher. With ongoing sustainability efforts, SHR’s properties have been amongst the top of green travellers’ minds. SHR’s ambition is that these activities will inspire travellers to adopt more environmentally sensitive practices and generate positive impacts for society and communities.

We firmly believe that our business must grow with sustainability and environmental impacts at the centre of our expansion. So, no matter where our business expansion extends to, we foster mutual growth for SHR and local communities. We are now pursuing the goals of getting our hotels certified based on international hotel and tourism sustainability standards, becoming carbon neutral, expanding biodiverse areas, in accordance with Singha Estate’s philosophy of value creation and sustainable growth,” Mr. Michael Marshall concluded.

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