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Louis Vuitton launches multi-concept ‘LV The Place Bangkok’ with Chef Gaggan Anand

LV Cafe

Louis Vuitton introduces ‘LV The Place Bangkok’, featuring an exhibition, café, store, and a restaurant by Chef Gaggan Anand.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Louis Vuitton unveils ‘LV The Place Bangkok‘ at Gaysorn Amarin, a new destination concept that includes an immersive exhibition, café, store, and a restaurant from celebrated chef, Gaggan Anand. From the inspiring architecture to the dynamic scenography and original menu items, this experiential space invites visitors to discover the breadth of imagination and creation within the Louis Vuitton universe today.

Occupying two floors of the downtown retail complex, LV The Place Bangkok establishes a dream-like aura from its corner location where the façade is enhanced with giant diamond shapes that glow at night. From the inside, the space plays out as a multi-faceted integration of retail, dining and culture.

The “Visionary Journeys” exhibition, located on the ground floor, offers an unparalleled exploration of Louis Vuitton’s heritage through a scenographic experience crafted by the esteemed architectural firm OMA, led by Partner Shohei Shigematsu. This collaboration between OMA and Louis Vuitton introduces an architectural identity for the exhibition, featuring thematic rooms that provide immersive environments. These environments bring together historical and contemporary pieces, highlighting the Maison’s core pillars of savoir-faire, innovation, travel, and creation.

The journey begins with the “Trunkscape,” a tunnel crafted from 96 trunk modules, leading visitors into a narrative of craftsmanship and ingenuity. The “Origins” section delves into the Vuitton family’s significant contributions, showcasing archival documents and early designs. Notable trunks from the late 19th century and the evolution of the Monogram canvas showcase the brand’s continuity and innovation. The exhibition further celebrates 25 years of fashion history through iconic bags like the Alma and Speedy, presented in clear acrylic bubbles to highlight their design and significance.

A dedicated space, “Collaboration,” features original creations reimagined by artists like Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama, underlining the potential of artistic partnerships. The exhibition concludes with a “Giveaway Room,” offering visitors a chance to win souvenirs.

Also on the ground floor, Le Café Louis Vuitton merges botanical design with the Maison’s chic elements, offering a patisserie selection that includes unique cakes and refreshments, such as the Mango Sticky Rice Fizz.

On the upper level, LV The Place Bangkok provides an immersive shopping experience, with exclusive product launches and personalisation services. Additionally, the “Gaggan at Louis Vuitton” restaurant, curated by Chef Gaggan Anand, offers a unique ‘food journey’ with a menu based on the 5 “S” – Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, and Surprise, highlighting the vibrancy of Bangkok and extending Louis Vuitton’s global lifestyle vision.

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