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Heritage Homes by Doh Eain launches first Heritage property platform in Asia

The new platform supports heritage property owners in restoring and maintaining their properties, while offering immersive heritage stays that support cultural and architectural preservation.

SINGAPORE – Heritage Homes by Doh Eain has launched the first-ever platform dedicated to the preservation of privately-owned heritage homes, Recognizing the challenges that many heritage owners face in looking after their properties, the company providesthem with technical support and sustainable income opportunities. The site allows private owners of heritage in Asia the opportunity to list their properties as bookable accommodation or for investment by heritage enthusiasts. The platform also features a homeowners portal, giving access to a wealth of information in addition to guidance and support services.

“Around the world, most efforts to protect cultural heritage focus on large landmark buildings and monuments, while the majority of historic properties are privately-owned. Many private heritage property owners struggle to maintain these homes, lacking resources and technical know-how,” says Emilie Röell, Founder and CEO of Heritage Homes.

The Heritage Homes platform offers a creative, practical, and collaborative solution in connecting heritage homeowners to environmentally-conscious travellers and nomads, as well as investors. Accelerated by COVID-19, the tourism sector sees a growing interest in more authentic and sustainable travel and stays. However, many travellers and nomads struggle to find accommodation options that are sustainable, allow them to experience the local culture, and leave behind a positive impact. Heritage Homes’ focus on the niche of cultural heritage and its preservation provides a meaningful alternative to mass booking platforms, which see little curation, and provide limited support for property owners.

“While mass booking platforms have opened up new revenue streams for property owners around the world, many of our member heritage homeowners cite disappointment and frustration with ever more commercial approaches and the lack of personal contact. They are happy to join a new platform that is more tailored to their needs, provides a real sense of community, and connects them to travellers and nomads that appreciate their conservation efforts”, explains Röell.

Heritage Homes prioritises markets with a strong or growing tourism economy, concentrating on locations with underutilised heritage assets that can be leveraged. As of this month, the platform is live with an extensive collection of listed homes and engaged homeowners in the Philippines and Georgia. Now, the company is building heritage homeowner networks in Sri Lanka,

Malaysia and Thailand, onboarding properties that will go live for bookings by the end of March. With a stronghold in these five markets, Heritage Homes will be able to offer domestic and international travellers and nomads an interesting variety of heritage homes.

Over the next two years, the company aims to become the go-to platform for anyone passionate about culture and historic preservation, while enabling heritage homeowners across the region to restore and look after their properties.

The company’s Deputy Director, Beverley Salmon says the company hopes to “increase the knowledge around the opportunities associated with the protection of heritage buildings, while also providing tangible products and services that aid homeowners in their appropriate conservation and adaptive re-use.”

Heritage Homes hopes the new platform will inspire many, whether to experience a cultural and impactful stay at a heritage home or become an active participant in the preservation of heritage properties.

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