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Wushan County hosts enthralling Plum Flower Festival along the Yangtze

A B&B courtyard with blossoming plum in Ganyuan Village, Quchi Town, Wushan County. Photo by Wang Zhonghu
A B&B courtyard with blossoming plum in Ganyuan Village, Quchi Town, Wushan County. Photo by Wang Zhonghu

The Three Gorges (Wushan) Plum Flower Festival showcases Wushan County’s commitment to cultural heritage and environmental conservation.

Wushan County, nestled along the majestic Yangtze River in Chongqing, China, is currently hosting the sixth Three Gorges (Wushan) Plum Flower Festival. This annual event, which opened on March 12, highlights the area’s rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty, aiming to draw tourists from around the globe to witness the enchanting plum blossoms that herald the arrival of spring.

The festival takes place in the scenic backdrop of the Three Gorges, a region that serves as a crucial point of connection between Chongqing and the eastern parts of China and offers an essential gateway to the renowned Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. The tradition of cultivating the Wushan crisp plum, which dates back over a thousand years to the Tang and Song dynasties, has flourished in this area. Currently, Wushan boasts a crisp plum plantation area of 300,000 mu (approximately 50,000 acres), spanning elevations from 175 to 800 meters.

The plum blossoms, which are in full bloom from mid-March to mid-April, transform the mountainsides into a spectacular, snow-like vista, enhancing the allure of the Yangtze River’s banks. This breathtaking scene not only captivates the eyes of visitors but also symbolizes the county’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable agricultural practices.

Wushan County’s dedication to the protection of its local environment and the development of the crisp plum industry as an economic pillar is evident in its recent initiatives. Efforts in variety breeding and technical improvement have elevated both the quality and scale of crisp plum cultivation, establishing Wushan as the hub of China’s crisp plum production.

Moreover, the county has embarked on a significant land greening campaign, focusing on planting red-leaf tree species along the Yangtze River. This initiative not only rejuvenates the local ecology but also contributes to the dense and contiguous spread of the region’s red-leaf trees. The success of this environmental endeavor is celebrated annually at the Wushan International Red Leaf Festival, now in its 17th year, showcasing the achievements of ecological development along the Yangtze River.

The development of Wushan as a comprehensive transportation hub in eastern Chongqing includes an airport, high-speed railway access, navigable waterways, expressways, and a tourism loop route, enhancing the accessibility and attractiveness of the county as a travel destination. With 10 routes from Wushan Airport and 43 daily stops by the Zhengzhou-Chongqing high-speed trains at Wushan station, visitors can easily explore this captivating region, enjoying both its natural splendor and leisurely pace.

As Wushan County continues to blossom both literally and figuratively, it stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and forward-thinking environmental stewardship, inviting travelers worldwide to experience its unique charm and tranquility.

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