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The Isan Project launches ‘Flowers of Thailand’ video, encouraging tourists to discover Thailand’s hidden gems


“Flowers of Thailand” by The Isan Project, launched by Senator Weerasak Kowsurat, showcases Thailand’s stunning landscapes and promotes tourism through captivating music and visuals, featuring emerging talent Monly Jasmin.

“Flowers of Thailand” the new music video from “The Isan Project” was launched on Thursday (Mar 28) by the former Minister of Tourism and Sports, Senator Weerasak Kowsurat at a private luncheon in Spectrum lounge, Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit, Bangkok.

The latest creation by The Isan Project is expected to encourage tourists to visit some of the most beautiful parts of Thailand, some of which have been Thailands secret gems for years. Stunning scenery, amazing vibrant flowers fields, a red lotus sea, a lotus temple, and a yellow mountain are just some of the locations filmed by British Director and Music Producer “Will Robinson” in this three and a half minute masterpiece around Isan and The North of Thailand.

The lead is played by actress Monly Jasmin who is one of Chiang Mai’s emerging young talents. The video starts with Monly on a horse drawn carriage in Lampang where the eighteen year old jumps on a train ride across Thailand’s North and North East scenic railways to reach the flower fields. The Isan Project also visited Mae Hong Son, Phu Lom Lo in Loei, Chiang Rai, Mae Mon and Mae Sai to piece together this unique idea for tourism.

The song driving these beautiful scenes is performed by “Sonna Rele” the voice of Disney soundtrack “Strong” from “Cinderella” and is written by Will and his writing partner “Daniel Ryan”. Drummer “Erik Hargrove” from The James Brown band, Studio Saxophonist “Andy Ross” from Incognito joined the projects all star band line up on the tune.

Senator Weerasak says “Thailand is expanding a lot of train tracks throughout every direction making the country easier to visit and commute from one town station to another. This connectivity includes electric trains that cut through every major part of Greater Bangkok, high speed trains that connects Chiang Mai to the North, Hua Hin to the South and is connecting the Thai railroad systems to the China-Laos international rail link which is a new fascinating way to travel in this part of Asia through the North Eastern region of Thailand. Flowers of Thailand reflects the value of these smaller town attractions and the dreams of train tourism that will continue to grow in our beloved country.”

Gun Saxophone, Monly Jasmin, Will Robinson and Senator Weearak

Gun Saxophone, Monly Jasmin, Will Robinson and Senator Weearak

Will Robinson adds “Thailand gets better and better, this was another lifetime experience putting this film together in this great country, Daniel and I had written this little ditty a while ago but I had to wait for each field to blossom to complete this mission and I love these long trips there’s so much to see and enjoy”.

The Isan Project, reports Hua Hin Today is in its tenth year and also penned the popular tourists songs “Thailand Amazing Thailand”, “This is the moment” and “Amazing Thailand Dance with me”.

At the launch at the Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit Bangkok

At the launch at the Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit Bangkok

Flowers of Thailand is available from all digital music stores and can be seen on the Isan Project’s YouTube channel.

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