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East Arnhem’s Gunyangara Tourism Precinct set for major upgrades to boost regional economy


The Gunyangara Tourism Precinct upgrade, supported by the Northern Territory Government, aims to boost East Arnhem’s economy, focusing on enhancing marine and landside facilities and promoting local Indigenous participation.

Australia – Australia’s Northern Territory Government, in its commitment to regional growth and development, has announced the release of the final construction tender for the Gunyangara (Gove Port) Tourism Precinct. This significant move is part of a strategy to make East Arnhem one of the fastest-growing regions in the Territory.

Enhancements to Gunyangara Tourism Precinct

The upgrade will focus on enhancing both marine and landside facilities, ensuring a comprehensive development of the precinct:

  • New Marine Facilities: These will support local businesses in Nhulunbuy with ongoing maintenance needs. A key feature includes a detachable floating pontoon, designed for easy removal in preparation for cyclones.
  • Enhanced Accessibility and Functionality: The project includes an extended rock groyne accessible to vehicles and pedestrians, careening facilities for docking vessels, and a floating pontoon extension.
  • Improved Amenities: Additional developments include a washdown bay, upgraded car parking facilities, and an entry structure.
Impact on Local and Indigenous Communities

The Gunyangara Tourism Precinct project, valued at $9 million, is not only a development initiative but also a significant contributor to local employment and Indigenous participation:

  • Local Business Engagement: Deltareef, a Local Indigenous Business Enterprise, has already completed early works on the project, including constructing essential facilities and ensuring the preservation of culturally significant areas.
  • Job Creation and Cultural Inclusion: The project has created fifteen jobs, with 30% of these roles being filled by local Aboriginal people. The use of locally sourced Darwin Stringybark trees, milled at a timber mill owned by the Gumatj Corporation, underscores the commitment to cultural sensitivity and local resource utilization.
Joint Funding and Collaborative Effort

This project is a collaborative effort, jointly funded by the Australian Government through the Aboriginals Benefit Account to the Gumatj Corporation, the Northern Territory Government, and Developing East Arnhem Limited. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to fostering regional development and cultural integrity.

Government’s Vision for East Arnhem Land

Chief Minister and Minister for Territory Development, Eva Lawler, emphasizes the government’s vision for the region: “We aim to diversify the opportunities available in East Arnhem Land and the Gove Peninsula, focusing on growing the tourism and maritime industries. These upgrades are more than infrastructural enhancements; they are a gateway to heightened visitation, investment, and a stronger, more inclusive economy.”

The Gunyangara (Gove Port) Tourism Precinct project is a strategic investment in the future of East Arnhem Land, enhancing the region’s appeal as a tourist destination while providing substantial benefits to the local and Indigenous communities. By improving infrastructure and creating job opportunities, this initiative is set to catalyze economic growth and foster a vibrant and sustainable regional economy.

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