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Resorts World Cruises adds Vietnam, Philippines to 5-night Hong Kong itineraries

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Resorts World Cruises announces new 5-night routes to Vietnam and the Philippines, diversifying offerings and boosting regional cruise tourism. Commencing in October 2023 for Vietnam and January 2024 for the Philippines, the voyages expand travel options for professionals in the cruise and travel sectors.

HONG KONG – Resorts World Cruises announced the addition of Vietnam and the Philippines as new destinations for Resorts World One’s 5-night cruises departing from Hong Kong. Complementing the current 5-Night Okinawa cruise, vacationers will now have additional options for their 5-Night cruises from Hong Kong, as the ship sails to Vietnam from 1 October 2023 onwards, offering the 5-Night Nha Trang – Da Nang cruise, as well as to the Philippines with the 5-Night Boracay – Manila cruise, starting from 21 January 2024 onwards. The 5-night cruise to either Okinawa*, Vietnam** or the Philippines*** will be available for selected departure dates in 2023 and 2024.

Resorts World Cruises is delighted to expand its 5-night cruises beyond Okinawa, providing new destinations with more choices for our guests that include Vietnam and the Philippines. Our 5-night cruises from Hong Kong aboard the Resorts World One offer travellers an alternative leisure and travel option that is convenient and comfortable to visit multiple destinations within a country. The inclusion of these new destinations will help cast a wider net to rejuvenate the cruise tourism industry across the region,” said Mr. Michael Goh, President of Resorts World Cruises.

With the introduction of the 5-night Nha Trang – Da Nang cruise, travellers can enhance their holiday experience with a cruise vacation in Vietnam. They can immerse themselves in a country filled with stunning nature and breathtaking beaches, colourful cultures, festivals and cuisines. Travellers can also relax with a mud bath or at the hot springs, go island hopping, visit the towering 78-foot tall Buddha statue and the centuries-old Po Nagar Cham Towers and more.

Vacationers can explore more of Vietnam as the ship cruises to Da Nang, a popular tourist spot where you can discover many beaches, learn about the local Cham culture, dine on unique and delicious street food and explore the Marble Mountains with hidden caves and enchanting shrines.

Besides cruising to Vietnam, vacationers embarking from Hong Kong may also opt for the 5-night Boracay – Manila cruise with special departures from January until March 2024.

From the island of Boracay, one may embark on a maritime journey to Manila, the dynamic capital city replete with unexpected delights and noteworthy explorations. The destination offers a plethora of rich heritage sites, ranging from the historical Fort Santiago to the Baluarte de San Diego tower, in addition to an array of iconic landmarks, churches, and cathedrals. Furthermore, it is imperative for culinary enthusiasts to partake in an extensive street-food tour when visiting Manila.

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