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How do you plan the perfect vacation trip?

This article will tell you everything you need to know and keep in mind before planning and booking your next vacation trip.

Just as the iconic statement goes, Winter is coming. It is getting progressively colder, the days are shorter, and it is getting darker outside. What better thing to do than book a trip to a nice vacation spot and just relax and decompress for a week or two? This article will tell you everything you need to know and keep in mind before planning and booking your next vacation trip. 

Do a proper research 
Before you even start looking at flights, hotel rooms and so on, start doing some research. If you do good research before making any hasty decisions, you can save some easy money. You have tons of tools at your disposal, so utilize them well. To give you an idea, you could use websites such as or to find the cheapest room. 

The difference for the exact same room could vary a lot between various websites. It feels a lot better when you know you saved money. So when you arrive and take stock, you can sit back and enjoy your steal of a hotel room and enjoy time with a book, watching a new Netflix offering or playing at online casino NetBet for example. We all know you have deserved it. 

Utilize the right credit card
This may be something that not everyone can utilize because they do not have an American Express card or a similar point rewarding credit card. If you are a frequent traveller who does not have a credit card that can yield points, we strongly urge you to get one. 

Every time you book a flight or a hotel room, you collect points that later can be used to get perks, lower prices, and even free hotel stays. The credit card is not exclusively used for travelling. You can use it for all your purchases to get the most out of the card. 

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Check pictures and reviews
If you know you are headed for a trip and plan on staying in the same hotel or resort for at least one day, then consider taking a closer look at the reviews posted by other visitors. If you judge a hotel based on its own words and website, you might make decisions based on false and outdated perceptions

However, previous customers will give you a more honest insight and perhaps even provide some recent raw and unedited pictures. By just scrolling through some of the reviews, you can save yourself a whole lot of headache if things turn out to be too good to be true. And if the hotel appears to live up to its promises, you have nothing to be worried about. 

Prepare entertainment
If you know, you will be on a long flight or a long train ride, prepare yourself ahead of time and stock up on some entertainment, so you do not have to get bored during your trip. Some things you could do is to get a Netflix account and find a nice tv-show you like or buy some books or magazines that you can easily store in your travel bag, whatever you need to get through the periods of boredom during long flights.

Main photo by Rolands Varsbergs on Unsplash