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Five jobs for expats to make income while in Thailand

Many jobs can comfortably support your lifestyle if you want to live in Thailand. You can work as you enjoy the culture and landscapes that Thailand offers.

Gone are the days when Thailand was seen as a retiree country. A younger crowd is now more interested in settling and working in Thailand. This change can be attributed to the shift in the mentality of what a job is. Who wouldn’t want to work in this beautiful country full of breathtaking islands and excellent climate? My guess is no one. There are a few jobs you can consider as an expatriate. These are;

Tech sector
Many tech degrees can land you a great job in Thailand that pays well in web development and design, information technology, and cyber security. There is a high demand for programmers with PHP back-end development skills and iOS and Android mobile app development. The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, is where you are most likely to work because most tech companies are set up here. If you need money and have at least three years of experience in the tech field, Thailand is a great place to establish yourself in your area of expertise. In addition to having an excellent salary, you get a stable working permit, subsidized tax home, and government healthcare.

Teaching sector
Teaching is arguably the largest and most popular job industry for foreigners to find work. The most spoken language of Thailand is Siamese. This means there is always a job opening if you want to teach English in Thailand. You can teach English from Elementary level to University level hence the vast market. If you need to make some extra cash, you can offer private after-class tutoring classes. If you have a Bachelor’s Degree in any relevant field, not necessarily in English or Education, you will need a TEFL certification to work. You can take a four-week Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course at an accredited institution in Phuket or Chiang Mai and be on your way to becoming a TEFL teacher.

Hotel and Tourism Sector
Thailand has a very vibrant tourism sector, and you can find work as a chef or a hotel manager. Besides becoming a TEFL teacher, the second most popular industry to work in is the tourism industry. If you have five years’ experience as a chef, finding work in the many beach-located restaurants will be a breeze. Expatriates manage most hotels in Thailand; this offers an excellent opportunity to throw your hat in as a hotel manager.

Diving instructor
An interesting point to note is that if you teach English in Thailand, your salary will be the same as that of a diving instructor. Making diving a lucrative job opportunity that promises travel across the globe and pays increases with seniority. You will need to join a driving school and train in one of the common diving spots in Krabi or Koh Tao to acquire certification from The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

Online work
There are many online platforms to work as a freelancer when you need money. You can work as a transcriptionist, article writer, or data entry specialist at very competitive rates. The salary will increase as you take on more clients. You can also sell online services such as SEO research, social media support, video animation, and graphic design. The online platform will connect you to verified customers for a small percentage of your salary. You may also venture into the world of influencers and vlogging that pays relatively well when you have a substantial following on social media.

Many jobs can comfortably support your lifestyle if you want to live in Thailand. You can work as you enjoy the culture and landscapes that Thailand offers. Most official job offers like teaching and government jobs will cater for any documents that you will need to work safely in the country.

Photo by veerasantinithi on Pixabay