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Transforming Ground Transportation: A conversation with Ron Hoffman, CEO of 12Go

Explore the interview with Ron Hoffman, CEO of 12Go, as he discusses his background, Travelier Group’s mission, global operations, and strategies to reshape ground transportation in the travel industry.

In an exclusive interview with Ron Hoffman, the newly appointed CEO of 12Go Asia, we delve into his background and the ambitious plans he has for the company within the Travelier Group. With a profound history in industrial engineering and a wealth of experience in performance marketing and analytics, Ron brings a fresh perspective to the world of travel and hospitality.

Background and Role

Ron Hoffman, an expatriate in Thailand for over a decade, joins 12Go Asia as the CEO. Simultaneously, he takes on the role of Chief Product Officer at the Travelier Group, marking his arrival just four months ago. His mission is clear: to steer the company towards a future where travelers can seamlessly transition from offline to online for all their ground and sea transportation needs.

A Comprehensive Approach

While 12Go primarily focuses on ground and sea transportation, including buses, trains, and ferries, they do not exclude flights from their offerings. However, flights are considered complementary to their core mission of providing solutions that were traditionally harder to come by. Ron emphasizes that their aim is to accelerate the transition to online bookings, just as the flight and hotel industries have successfully done.

Global Reach

The Travelier Group operates worldwide, with a presence in countries like Argentina, Croatia, and Thailand. Their primary focus, however, remains in Southeast Asia, reflecting the region’s growing importance in the travel and hospitality sector.

Strategies for the Future

When asked about his plans and strategies as the new CEO, Ron Hoffman draws from his extensive experience in various industries. He believes in not reinventing the wheel but rather adopting successful practices from other sectors. Their focus is on achieving in three to five years what other industries accomplished over a more extended period. Efficiency, progress tracking, and adaptability are at the core of their strategy.

Emerging Trends

Considering the post-COVID landscape, Ron acknowledges the myriad of trends and discussions in the travel industry. These range from sustainability and increased flight costs to rapid technological advancements, including AI and robotics. However, he refrains from betting on a single trend and emphasizes that 12Go’s focus remains on enabling customers to book any route worldwide, even to destinations without airports, thereby diversifying travel options.

Collaboration with Industry Players

Despite catering directly to end consumers, 12Go is open to collaborating with various travel industry stakeholders. They seek to work with ground transportation providers, hotels, travel agencies, and other OTAs. These collaborations can take the form of supply partnerships, affiliation programs, rebate programs, or API integration, all aimed at enhancing the customer experience and expanding the reach of their services.

In conclusion, Ron Hoffman’s vision for 12Go within the Travelier Group is clear: revolutionizing ground transportation and sea transportation booking by making it more accessible, efficient, and diversified. As the travel industry continues to evolve, 12Go is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping its future.

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