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Juttaporn Rerngronasa, TAT Deputy Governor: Eastern Europe is the fastest growing market

Mrs Juttaporn Rerngronasa, Deputy Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand for Europe Middle East, Africa and Americas, talks to TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific during the TTM+ in Bangkok.

Tourism development in Thailand for 2012, the share of Europe in Thailand’s tourism arrivals, new products and destinations as well as the new tourism campaing are the topics that Mrs Juttaporn Rerngronasa, TAT Deputy Governor EMEAA discusse with the Chief Editor of TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific.

Question 1

Khun Juttaporn, how do you see the evolution of tourism in 2012 for Thailand?

Question 2

You mentions that Easter Europe is one of the fastest growing market still in Europe which is in the mid of a big crisis, so what are the strategies you are developing to attract more Eastern Europe into Thailand?

Question 3

This year your second tagline behind Amazing Thailand always amazes you is Miracle Year. Can you explain us the concept behind and how much is well perceived by the public and what do you expect in terms of return?

Question 4

You were mentioning some new products for this year but it seems that those products that you are highlighting this year are not that new, like honeymoon market or environment, so what are really the new products that travel agents around the world can sell?

Question 5

There are some new destinations to be promoted can you tell us about them and whether you see that there is really a potential for international travellers going to those new destinations?

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