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Top seven wedding car rental tips

Here are some tips that will help you zero in on the best wedding car for your big day.

Seeing the bride walking down the aisle in her glorious wedding gown is usually the highlight of any marriage ceremony. But certainly, seeing the bride arrive at the wedding venue in an impressive or romantic-looking wedding car is something worth waiting for as well.

If you want to make sure that your rental won’t just serve as your transportation, but will also ensure you arrive at your wedding in style, here are some tips that will help you zero in on the best wedding car for your big day.

1. Set aside time for wedding car rental shopping
You have definitely invested a lot of time and effort in looking for the perfect wedding outfits, caterers, flower arrangers, etc. To have the best car for your wedding, you need to pencil in time for some shopping around as well.

You can begin your search by going online to look at the different local car rental companies and their fleet of wedding cars or other possible vehicles. Peruse the different car rental offers on their websites. You can also get other details and ask questions online.

When you begin shopping for your car rental, you can avoid wasting time and money going from one dealership or agency to another. You’ll also have an easier time shortlisting the companies and best vehicles you can hire.

2. Consider what car model or style appeals to you
To have the perfect wedding, every detail should work or blend together. As such, your wedding car should also be in line with your wedding theme or style.

According to expert wedding planners, if you have a traditional or classical style wedding, a classic Rolls-Royce or Daimler limousine will be in keeping with such a theme. If you plan to have a whimsical type of wedding, consider renting a vintage Volkswagen or top-down Cadillac.

3. Choose a wedding car in the right colour
Aside from the model or style of the car, make sure the vehicle you rent also complements the theme of your wedding. This means that if silver and light green are your chosen colours for your wedding, do not choose a bright red or yellow car.

Just make sure that the colour of your car does not clash with your wedding gown, flowers and other elements of your nuptials.

4. Think about your dream wedding car’s size
Aside from the model or style and colour of the car, consider its size as well. You can do this by factoring in the size and style of your gown and the number of passengers who will be riding with you.

You have to make sure that the wedding car is big enough to fit in your dress comfortably, especially if your gown has a long train. In addition, know beforehand who and how many people will be riding with you to the wedding venue, and if there are others who will be joining you and your spouse after the ceremony and reception.

5. Visit the car rental agency
Once you’ve shortlisted your choice of dealerships and wedding cars, visit these rental agencies and take a look at each vehicle that you’re interested in. Check the vehicle’s bodywork and start thinking up ideas on how you want the car to be decorated.

In addition, talk to the staff and find out what they offer in terms of chauffeur services, insurance, etc. Find out what the rental cost covers and what it doesn’t.

Ask the staff if you’ll have exclusive use of the car for the day (or night) to make sure that they only book one car per wedding. This is to ensure that the vehicle won’t be double booked and the service is focused on your needs only.

Also, get an idea of how often their cars undergo maintenance, repairs and other services. Make sure you ask about the background of their chauffeurs so you’ll have peace of mind when you are on the road. Confirm when the wedding car will be prepared and decorated (ideally, it should be a day before the wedding) to ensure it is in tip-top condition and ornamented according to your requirements.

6. Check the contract
When you’ve finally chosen your wedding car, ask if you can see the lease agreement. Go over the document before signing it.

First, check how much you will be charged on the usage of the car. Will you be charged daily, hourly or by the number of trips? Also, find out how much you will have to pay if you need additional time with the car. Lastly, before signing the agreement, check if the rental agency is willing to match the ribbons and flowers in the car with your dress or colour theme.

Make sure the contract provides details about the responsibilities of the chauffeur. This should include having the designated driver undergo a full briefing and a dry-run of the route prior to the wedding. The chauffeur should also be aware of any disruption on the roads or any plans for roadworks that may cause delays.

7. Confirm your booking in advance
If you want to get the best of the crop, make sure you give a thought to choosing your wedding car as soon as possible. Put finding your dream wedding car on top of your prep list, and confirm your car rental booking in advance. Keep in mind that if you will be getting married during the busy wedding months (like June or December), you will have a harder time booking the perfect car for your wedding.

If you want to arrive at your wedding looking fabulous and dreamy, find some time in your busy schedule to go shopping for the best car to hire. Make sure you also look into the quality of service the rental agency offers so you can get to your wedding venue safely, comfortably and on time.