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Aussie passengers give backing to biometrics in new poll

Unisys Security Index has interesting results on the face recognition security checks at the airports.

Australians have backed the use of face recognition technology to tighten airport security, a new poll shows.

Results from the Unisys Security Index found an overwhelming 95% support the use of biometric facial recognition for customs and immigration, while nine out of 10 Aussies said police should also have access to the technology.

But while support for use by law enforcement bodies was strong, only two thirds felt employers should be able to use the same system to identify staff at access points in the workplace, and just 38% approved of facial recognition to identify and tag friends through social media.

Security program director for Unisys Asia Pacific, John Kendall, said: “Incorporating the use of biometric facial recognition technology at strategic airport check-points allows airport customs, police and immigration to quickly identify persons of interest on watch lists and to take the appropriate action.

“Passengers want to feel safe and secure when travelling by air and trust border control agencies to use facial recognition technology to help manage security threats.

“However, avoiding long check-in queues and increased security points is a key customer satisfaction aim for both airports and airlines.”

Unisys believes a key way to prevent passenger choke-points is to set airport security staff free from the confines of the control room, by giving them mobile devices on which they can view real-time video surveillance.

Kendall added: “Physical security is a crucial element of airport management, but security staff members can’t be everywhere at once. By integrating biometric facial recognition software with mobile devices, staff can be alerted to the presence of a potential person of interest, regardless of their location within the airport.”

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