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Air India champions gender equality with all-women crew flights on International Women’s Day

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Celebrating International Women’s Day, Air India group operates 15 all-women crew flights, showcasing commitment to gender equality and diversity.

GURUGRAM, INDIA – Reiterating its commitment to uphold gender equality, Air India group announced a slew of activities celebrating International Women’s Day.

A total of 15 all-women crew flights were operated in the domestic and international sectors on Friday. Over 15% of the cockpit crew of Air India are women – making it an airline with one of the largest numbers of women pilots.

Women employees constitute as much as 51% of Air India’s workforce. In the last two years since the homecoming of Air India to the Tata group, there has been a sharp rise in the number of women employees in every sphere of the airline’s activities. At Air India Express, over 13% of pilots are women and close to 50% of the workforce comprises women employees.

Air India group has organized week-long programs to inspire women employees across the network through webinars and live sessions with experts in various fields and role models for wider awareness and inspiration.

This year’s Women’s Day theme ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ reiterates the importance of achieving gender equality and the well-being of women in all aspects of life, which resonates with the Tata group and Air India’s ethos of offering equal opportunities to all employees acknowledging that diversity and inclusion results in driving innovation and growth.

While Air India will operate flights to five destinations, including three flights to international destinations, Air India Express will fly to two international destinations and eight domestic destinations.

Air India Sector Aircraft
1 Delhi-Bengaluru-Delhi A320 family
2 Delhi-Vijayawada-Delhi A320 family
3 Delhi – San Francisco B777
4 Delhi-Birmingham B787
5 Delhi-Dubai B787
Air India Express Sector Aircraft
1 Tiruchirappalli – Singapore  




A mix of B737 and A320 neo

2 Dammam – Mumbai
3 Chennai- Kolkata –Chennai
4 Delhi – Guwahati – Delhi
5 Hyderabad – Amritsar – Hyderabad
6 Mumbai – Srinagar – Mumbai
7 Delhi – Goa – Delhi
8 Delhi – Bagdogra – Delhi
9 Bengaluru – Bhubaneswar – Bengaluru
10 Bengaluru – Guwahati – Bengaluru
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