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Export tourism ready to rebuild alongside new Minister

ATEC has outlined priority areas for action which will support the industry in rebuilding its $45bn pre-covid annual export success.

Australia’s export tourism industry welcomes the new Minister for Tourism, Senator the Hon Don Farrell, and looks forward to working alongside the Albanese Government in rebuilding our international visitor markets. 

The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC), which represents tourism export businesses around the country, has outlined priority areas for action which will support the industry in rebuilding its $45bn pre-covid annual export success. 

“Our industry is future-focused and will be one of the driving powers behind Australia’s export success over the coming decade,” ATEC Managing Director Peter Shelley said today. 

“Prior to covid, tourism was amongst the top five Australian exports and our position as a leading export industry remains a significant opportunity for the national economy. 

“With a few small investments and the right policy settings, export tourism can make a huge contribution to Australia’s economic success providing jobs and bringing prosperity to regional communities.”  

Mr Shelley said over the past 2 years ATEC has consulted significantly with the export tourism industry and identified a number of issues which the Government can immediately address in helping to get businesses back to market effectively including: 

  • Visa policy and processing – using our visa system to drive greater visitation through short-term fee waivers for categories including Working Holiday Makers and fixing delays in the visa processing system which are damaging the industry’s restart. 
  • Funding to re-engage with international markets – supporting proven and experienced export businesses with marketing subsidies to promote their products in-market. 
  • Aviation access – build partnerships with carriers to support the return of seat capacity for markets which are aligned with high-value international visitors. 
  • Workforce & skills – supporting the rebuilding of the tourism workforce through attracting and re-training staff and looking at ways to supplement our local workforce.

“Export tourism has a proven history of success and the signs are that international travel will continue to rebound over the coming 12 months but we must have our industry in top condition to meet the needs of a post-covid traveller. 

“The opportunities for our export tourism businesses to regrow are strong and their success can be assured with a few simple but well-placed policy tweaks and investments. 

“Minister Farrell has been a strong supporter of our industry over many years and has a grounded understanding of the fundamental opportunities and challenges facing the rebuild of our tourism export industry. 

“We congratulate the Minister and his team and look forward to discussing our feedback and opportunities for tourism’s success.” 

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