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Thane unveils NaMo Grand Central Park, a new green urban oasis

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    Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Parag Munot, Managing Director of Kalpataru Limited, captivated by the serene beauty of the Chinese Garden within NaMo Grand Central Park
  • Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, accompanied by Mr. Mofatraj P. Munot, Chairman of Kalpataru Group, and Parag Munot, Managing Director of Kalpataru Limited, inaugurates the breathtaking NaMo Grand Central Park in Thane.
  • Strolling Amidst Tranquillity: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Mr. Mofatraj P. Munot, Chairman of Kalpataru Group, savour the serene ambiance of NaMo Grand Central Park in Thane

Thane’s NaMo Grand Central Park, inspired by global icons, promises expansive green spaces and diverse recreational amenities.

BENGALURU, INDIA – The Honourable Chief Minister Eknath Shinde dedicated a world-class facility to the citizens of Thane, marking a significant milestone in the city’s journey towards becoming a smart, green hub. The grand inauguration of NaMo Grand Central Park showcases Thane’s commitment to providing its residents with exceptional amenities, including expansive green and open spaces. The 25-acre park developed by Kalpataru Limited is modeled on the lines of New York’s Grand Central Park, Hyde Park in London, and Millennium Park in Chicago. The park will feature major attractions like the themed gardens, Flora Trellis, India’s largest Skate Park, Tree House, Fitness Children’s Play Zones and the soon-to-be-launched 4.5-acre extended park that will add to the attraction of the visitors.

The NaMo Grand Central Park has a stunning 3-acre lake, and a picturesque lakeside promenade, the iconic ‘X’ bridge, captivating four themed gardens inspired by Moroccan, Chinese, Japanese, and Mughal designs, iconic structures, fitness stations, walking and cycling paths, meditation areas, and green spaces promoting a healthy lifestyle for all age groups.

The park showcases an extraordinary blend of international design expertise, with renowned global architects contributing to its artistic appeal. Adding a touch of international flair, architects from L49 in Thailand have skillfully shaped the park’s enchanting landscape. Kalpataru Limited has pioneered the development and construction of the expansive 25-acre NaMo Grand Central Park.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Shri Eknath Shinde complimented Kalpataru Group and its promoters—Shri Mofatraj Munot and Shri Parag Munot—for creating a world-class NaMo Grand Central Park in Thane.“It is a state-of-the-art park, we are really proud of this development, which has been built in lieu of TDR, and Thane Municipal Corporation has not spent a single penny on this massive development”, Shinde said while inaugurating the Grand Central Park, developed by Kalpataru Group. The chief minister said the park would be named after Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and would be known as a ‘NaMo Grand Central Park’.

The Chief Minister entrusted the responsibility of maintenance of the NaMo Grand Central Park to the Kalpataru Group.

He further said “In elevating Thane’s landscape with the grandeur of the largest 25-acre NaMo Grand Central Park, we ascend to our vision for a green and smart city. This landmark project developed by Kalpataru Limited along with TMC is a testament to our commitment to transforming the city into a thriving green metropolis. This park stands tall as the crown jewel in Thane, a collaborative marvel uniting communities and reshaping lifestyles. Thane 2.0 is a vision realized, a paradigm shift towards a family-friendly city, creating more green spaces, fostering community engagement where families come together to enjoy, and most importantly, changing the lifestyle of people in Thane. Our vision extends beyond Thane, aspiring to see cities in Maharashtra emerge as a green zone, and NaMo Grand Central Park is a significant stride towards that goal. I take immense pride in declaring that this park is more than a green lung for Thane; it is an inspiration guiding us towards a sustainable and smart urban future”.

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An Iconic Inauguration: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, joined by Mr. Moftraj P. Munot, Chairman of Kalpataru Group, and esteemed dignitaries, unveil the majestic NaMo Grand Central Park at Thane

“We are elated to witness the realization of our dream through the NaMo Grand Central Park project and to have been a part of Thane’s transformative journey over the past three decades. Our growth vision is deeply rooted in sustainable development and greenification, a commitment that extends towards the NaMo Grand Central Park. Our fruitful partnership with the Thane Municipal Corporation has played a pivotal role in bringing the NaMo Grand Central Park to life. Together, we have created a transformative space that celebrates nature, community, and sustainable growth. By setting new benchmarks for urban green spaces, the Park aspires to become a symbol of progressive urban planning. It seamlessly blends international standards with local relevance, aiming to enhance the visitors’ and residents’ quality of life. As we celebrate this milestone, we are proud to contribute to a legacy of positive change in Thane.” – Mofatraj Munot, Chairman, Kalpataru Group

“NaMo Grand Central Park is a step towards fulfilling the Hon’ble CM’s vision for a green and smart city. Our commitment to this vision is exemplified through the creation of a grand 20.5-acre park developed by Kalpataru Limited catering to Thane residents. This park stands as a testament to our dedication to enhancing the quality of life for Thane’s citizens. As the Municipal Corporation, we remain steadfast in delivering our best and are devoted to creating more green urban spaces throughout Thane. This initiative aligns seamlessly with our broader goal of a city-wide green initiative promoting a sustainable and green Thane. By embracing both indigenous and exotic trees at the park, we are cultivating a diverse and eco-friendly environment for adults and children alike. The park offers a perfect blend of themed gardens, a sports arena, and expansive green spaces, symbolizing our commitment to a harmonious coexistence of nature and modernity in the heart of Thane.” – Thane Municipal Corporation Commissioner (TMC), Abhijit Bangar.

Parag Munot, Managing Director, Kalpataru Limited said, “The NaMo Grand Central Park is a result of a development exemplifying a collaborative approach towards community development for a clean, smart and futuristic Thane city. The NaMo Grand Central Park stands as a landmark project, not just across Mumbai and Thane but also as a beacon of transformative collaboration towards a green and futuristic city. We extend our deepest gratitude to the esteemed Chief Minister, the Thane Municipal Corporation, Corporators, the dedicated officials from TMC and the residents of Thane for entrusting us with this monumental opportunity to create this larger-than-life park. The NaMo Grand Central Park is a living testament to our commitment to forging green and sustainable urban spaces. As we stand on the abyss of this grand achievement, we acknowledge the collaborative spirit that binds us with the TMC. Together, we strive to build a future for Thane that surpasses all expectations and continues to be a source of pride for its residents”.

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