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Unlocking the essence of Thailand: A comprehensive orientation program for expatriates

Expatriate Orientation Program

The Fourth Expatriate Orientation Program, organized by the JFCCT in collaboration with the Thailand Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to enrich expats’ understanding of Thai culture, economy, and lifestyle.

The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) announced the organization of the Fourth Expatriate Orientation Program (EOP 4), scheduled to take place at Vithes Samosorn Hall, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the 3rd and 4th of April, 2024. This initiative, a collaboration between the Thailand Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is meticulously crafted to enrich the living and working experience of expatriates in Thailand. The program is tailored for a diverse group of international residents, including diplomats, business professionals, experts, and journalists.

EOP 4 promises a comprehensive exploration of Thai culture, history, economy, and lifestyle through a series of carefully selected topics. Participants will embark on a journey to understand the essence of Thai values with “Prim of Thainess: Approaching Thai Society from the Perspective of Thai Values.” This session aims to provide insights into the foundational principles that shape Thai society and its interactions.

The program will also delve into “Thailand in a Historical Perspective,” offering a deep dive into the country’s rich and diverse history, setting a context for the current socio-economic landscape. For those intrigued by the lesser-known facets of the capital, “Bangkok that You Might Not Know” promises revelations that go beyond the common tourist trails, exploring the city’s hidden gems.

Art enthusiasts will find the “Appreciating Arts Around You in Thailand” segment particularly enlightening, highlighting the vibrant art scene and cultural heritage that Thailand has to offer. In a time of global economic uncertainties, “Thai Economy: Thriving in Global Uncertainties, What’s in it for You?” will shed light on the resilience and opportunities within the Thai economy, providing valuable insights for professionals and investors.

The session “Discover the Four Regions of Thailand by Rails” is designed to inspire exploration of the country’s diverse landscapes and cultures, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of Thailand’s regional differences. Lastly, “Finding Your Lifestyles in Thailand” will guide participants in navigating the myriad lifestyle options available, ensuring a fulfilling expatriate experience in the kingdom.

The EOP 4 is an exceptional opportunity for expatriates to enhance their understanding of Thailand, fostering a deeper connection with the country. The JFCCT, alongside the Thailand Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, extends a warm invitation to all eligible expatriates to participate in this enlightening program.

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